Black People : Why Stress Men?

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Keme and Regina understand what Keme writes. Not surprising. HOWEVER, for the sake of including everyone else in this discussion, it would be nice if Keme and/or Regina clarify his point so that the REST of US can decide whether it's worth commenting on.

Just a suggestion... :idea:

Peace! :spinstar:
And if that is the case...

kemetstry said:
Women will have toe curling sex with with an alluring stranger, but be repulsed if a similar choice was offered for food as their meal.

Is this what you are refering too? Well let me explain/elaborate. The 'mysterious stranger' has the allure of drugs for many women. He is exciting, new, and adventurous/dangerous. There have been numerous studies that have shown that, though this makes a great affair, it is not the proper formula for a successful relationship. Yet, this myth persists as the way things are suppose to be and is celebrated in the media.
Women would not throw the same caution to the wind in fashion, food, or shelter. They want something familiar, reliable and sturdy. Why are femalers willing to risk all in the most intimate setting of a relationship?

Why are you leading your example by sex... Not all women fall for a man based on sex... and their are different reasons to a male and female joining that doesn't always relate to sex.. it can end up as sex... but it doesn't always start out that way... And what makes you think that women don't look for a man of familiarity, reliability and stability? Isn't that the reason why so many get married but end up divorced... but thats a whole nother subject.. I just know that, that is being considered when looking for a man to share a life long committment (familiarity, reliability and stability). NOT your AVERAGE CASUAL PARTNER. But every circumstance is different. Please elaborate... cause i'm trying to understand..
Actually that makes sense and personally i would agree. Often because its expected... and some people don't appreciate what they think they deserve.

As for generalization, i don't, nor could i find where I said all men.. and being that I don't deal with all men. I personally couldn't make that generalization on the basis of relationships. Maybe socially, but i couldn't because they are too... different. But anyways...

I asked that question because i wanted and answer... If you look within you and whats around and can not find the answer you seek.. do you not look for other resources? As far as truth?... what? How women allow themselves to stress? How we deal with such issues? How they can be avoided? please enlighten.. cause i'm still looking for an answer. We are back on the question phase again... And no my credence don't or any other females for that matter but stick with the question.. granted it is widely based.. but it has nothing to do with sex. point blank...

old_sd73 said:
Why do women stress their men? Because they don't understand 'their' men. Most women have certain impressions of themselves and 'expect' their men to treat them with respect to that impression. Not that women are at fault here, we men are the fools when it comes to this. Not wanting to give up the eye candy for better heart health.


And thank you for the statement. I actually found that answer out within the past week. And i can actually say i agree with that... The thing is.. he has to perceive and feel you deserve that treatment as well.. If not.. complications can arise. I guess thats where being equally yoked plays a serious part. But thats just an assumption. Now its time to breathe deep... release... and relax. Thank you all for your words.... and wisdom.

By the way i didn't understand the last quote: "Not wanting to give up the eye candy for better heart health. ." could you please enlighten?


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