Black People : Why Stress Men?

Brother SunShip

I haven't seen you around much lately and I've missed your enlightened messages because I find them to be very sound and grounded in wisdom. You've answered my question very well because that's exactly the point I felt should be made when people try to define something as obscure as what is a 'real' anything. These types of prescriptions all stem from one's personal vantage point and can't be generalized.

Peace and Ashe!
talk about difference in opinions.... And though some may think its funny... i think it is very serious. It is good to know that some actually do understand... But i noticed it was mostly the men? Radical Faith and Hesaid

RF: Thank you for your words of wisdom... They were/are profound. And i am greatful for your enlightenment... Yes I have spoken with the Omnipotent... and with that came clarity.. clarity for me... clarity within me... But those around me.. Black American men... only stare in a daze.. and declare old ways as just that... old. Men I've known for years.. Men i have grown up with... Men i have grown to know and learn... the Ones that i have loved as a brother.. a father and as my man... Never had a son... but that too... But I do understand that they too... Need to have their own talk with GOD. Which i try to embedd within the membrane... :)

Hesaid: Yea.. i burn.. and everything else... Survival of the Fittest you know... And i also do agree... with you as well. And thank you for your compliment... I grew up dealing with the opposite sex.. from my oldest to younger brother to a stepfather.. and old traditional ways and some values... And i worry for our brothers and sisters... for our concept has no base... regardless...

Sunship: Thank you for your response... My thoughts may be personal... but this issue is universal. This misconception that has no base, no standard.. lies in our in between...

Nfant: One must know the difference.. and to deploy... you ignore the ignorance..

NNQueen: I guess you'll just have to call me European in tradition because i was born and raised here and my values, just like my ancestry are of here.. Atleast 6 generations strong.. that i can trace... so my views.. are based around just that... America.. the Old and the New... (World)

Thank you all for all your words and many of wisdom... I will continue to pray for our race...


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