Chief Elder Osiris : Why Some Black People In The Diaspora Loathe The Thought Of Returning To Afrika???

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    Why Some Black People In The Diaspora Loathe The Thought Of Returning To Afrika???

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, have you ever noticed how certain Black people just cringe at the very mention of Afrika and how they act as if about to have a Brain seizure when it is suggested that Afrika is our Home and it is Afrika where we Black People need to be on this planet?

    Why is there some Black people who act as if because we being the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, it give us cause to act as if our Enslaved Ancestors came to the Diaspora on a Cruse ship instead of a Slave ship, and that it was our Enslaved Ancestors choice to come to North America instead of having no choice, and was forced to come to where we are now in North America, South America, Central America, and along the Caribbean.

    There are some Black people who attempt to give such a compelling defense for Black people who are the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, claiming to have a Right to be where we are outside of Afrika, acting as if all is well with Black people who are not in Afrika, a place where our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors chose to establish their base of residence upon this Planet Earth, a fact that will forever connect Black people to that place we now refer to as Afrika, whether we like it or not, and only a foolish Black Afrikan does not like the fact of being Black and is not at ease being away from Afrika, the seat of our Earthly arrival.

    Here we Black people are, away from Afrika by no choice of our Enslaved Ancestors and we are totally aware of all of the Hellish abuse that our Enslaved Ancestors went through while alive in this place away from Afrika and based upon that fact alone, it should trigger an imagination of how determine our Enslaved Ancestors were to return back to their Earthly Home in the place now referred to as Afrika.

    So I ask, what has happen to the children of our Enslaved Ancestors that today have us to loathe Afrika, as if Afrika did the Enslaving of our Ancestors and not America, not France, Not Britain, Not Portigal, and not the Pope and all else who played a part in taking our Enslaved Ancestors Freedom away from them, and Thus Freedom away from the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors.

    What has happen to Black people in the Diaspora, here not by choice, that have us to loathe our Mother and Father Land and to Love our oppressors Land far more dearly than the Land of our Mother and Father, which make such Land to be the Land that is the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land as well, like it or not, or admit it or not, the fact of our Black Lives speak for itself.

    Well beloved, I will tell you why Black people who are Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors loathe Afrika so much, it is because Black people have been Domesticated to the Land and people with a History of Enslaving and abusing our Enslaved Ancestors, we Black people are as a Lion Taken away from its Natural Habitat on this planet and placed in a cage and kept there until the Natural instinct, the Natural Desire to be Free, and such freedom is domesticated out of the Lion and so it is with some of the Black Afrikan, Children of our Enslaved Ancestors, who no longer have the Desire for Freedom, because such a pleasure has been Domesticated out of the Mind of some Black People, serving as evidence that some Black people now function with the Mind of a Domesticated Being, trained to obey our Master, our oppressors.

    Black people, you who are in the Diaspora without a choice, you who make such statement about yourself in relationship to Afrika and / or the lack thereof, your first inclination in order to defend your Loathing Mind toward Afrika, is to make statement that you have never been to Afrika, some of us in our haste to loathe Afrika make such a statement indicating that you have not lost anything in Afrika, not knowing that we lost all that pertain to our Black Body life in Afrika, our Divine Mind, so now you say, why should I want to go to Afrika, all being statements and Spirit of a Domesticated Black Mind, now trained by the people who did Enslaved our Afrikan Ancestors.

    Beloved, have you ever paid attention to some Black people who spiritedly loathe Afrika, have you ever noticed their demeanor when loathing Afrika, when expressing their want not to be associated with Afrika, how we act as if we are the Freed Black People on this Earth and give off the impression that we have a intimate relationship with Justice and do enjoy getting Respect away from Afrika, as if we get respect in the world, have you botice how some of us act as if all is well with Black people lives away from Afrika?

    Beloved, such a display of a lying spirit serve as evidence of how well we Black people giving off such a deceiving spirit, has been well domesticated by those people who have trained us to behave as we do toward Afrika in a loathing way.

    Do you not know that Black people operating in our Divine Mind know very well, that all Black People who came from Afrika in the bottom of the Slave Master Ships, not in a cruse ship, and that we know that all those Black people will not make the Trip Back to Afrika, as a matter of fact, those who do not go back to Afrika when the Time come and it will, with our Ancestors reparation, they are not meant to return Back to our Mother and Father Land Afrika, their Mind is to Domesticated and trained by those who did Enslaved our Afrikan Ancestors, and beloved, they have come to be the most potent Enemy to Afrika and to Black People, we who Know why it is that we Black people must Return Home to Afrika.

    So let the domesticated Afrikan remain as is, they are no longer with the Divine Blood burning through their veins, their domestication has altered the DNA sequence necessary to be able to have us to communicate with our Divine Ancient First Way Ancestors, the DNA of our Enslaved Ancestors who rebel against being Domestication while Enslaved as Chattel to Lucifer the Human Being Oppressors, they who did Enslave our Afrikan Mother and Father, of whom we are Descendants from, beloved.

    So it is only natural for the undomesticated Black Afrikan in the Diaspora, here without a choice made by us to be here, Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and knowing it is Time for us to Go Home, the Home of our Enslaved Ancestors, it being the Home of their children and the Home is Afrika, beloved, and do not allow anybody convince you other wise, beloved.

    The Link below will take you to my book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, it is the book about Life, all life that Lucifer the Human Being is in motion to conquer.

    Read the Book and it will serve as a passage way into the Dimension that will lead you to know the depth of your inner self and it is such Divine knowledge that will aid in reclaiming the Divine Mind that is original to the Body Life of your Black self.

    The Choice Is Yours To Make, not for my sake, but for your self awareness, beloved.

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    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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