Poetry Discussion : Why should anyone buy your poetry book?


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Jun 18, 2004
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That's just the Artist in you. Very many Artists can never shift from the "making" art mode.. and so they can't see their own work without obsessing over what they perceive as flaws. Other people have show me things in my own work that I did not know was there. It's subjective.
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Jun 8, 2019
Lots of Poets write books.. sell books..

Question: Do you buy poetry books?

I was just looking at my shelf and realized that I don't really buy poetry books.. I buy collections of Artists that I like.. but I'm talking full anthologies.. collected works. And I have a couple of other books.. some Pablo Naruda.. some Charles Curtis Blackwell.. but he's a friend of mine.. etc..

Do you buy poetry books?.. and if you do.. what kind of poetry books?.. what made you actually buy the poetry books that you have bought?

i believe poetry is for the reason i am tryimng to get my book published called

the homeless man who gave the world a wind up clock to charge cellphones

so people are allowed to puruse their objectives who arent being allowed to because of discrimination

I need someone to help me edit my story if you will

i wrote my book after i was hit by a truck with my white christian group in toronto canada the roehampton baptist church out front of my school and after the coma i was put on the street with epilepsy and had my inhertiance stolen in the queens hotel
and while on the street i had this made

i returned to where the accident happened to finsih my work and i am harrassed everyday from the people who did
this to me
I hope you will help me get my book published
Now i have a company who said they will make the device i am having groups threaten me everyday
saying they will bury me in court work if i try
I have a few companies in china who want to help me so with the right people saying they want it made
they will make it and you will expose the racism in canada that made me homeless to complete my work

if we dont expose the racism it will get worse

i hope you will ,

it has taken me 15 years to be able to reach where i am now

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