Brother AACOOLDRE : Why Satan was opposed to Moisture?

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    By Andre Austin

    In the Egyptian religion the first Trinity is Atum, Shu & Tefnut (Egyptian Divinities by Moustafa Gadalla p.54)

    After Atum spit out Shu & Tefnut they then started a family tree with creating Geb (Adam) and Nut (Eve) then Osiris, Isis, Horus etal came into existence.

    When the Bible says lets make man in our image we became as of us (Gen 1:26, 3:22)

    Who is this us? Atum, Shu & Tefnut.

    In other creations stories in Egypt the eye of Ra’s tear drop created mankind. Ra (eye of the sun) was under water and didn’t come up until his daughter Tefnut-maat stabled order from chaos. Tefnut’s twin Shu lifted the eye/sun up out of the water. We meet Shu as Joshua in the Bible who upholds the sun up.

    The Jews copied and pasted several Egyptian creation stories into their Bible adopting them in part and attacking them in part. They attacked Tefnut (maat, moisture, moral order, justice) as the Tree of knowledge of right and wrong. The Egyptian tree of life, its fruit was in symbolic in the shape of a heart and the leaf was its tongue.

    Why did they attack moisture? Plutarch who wrote Isis & Osiris:36 may provide us with a clue:

    . Not only the Nile, but every form of moisture they call simply the effusion of Osiris; and in their holy rites the water jar in honor of the god heads the procession. And by the picture of a rush they represent a King and the southern region of the world, and the rush (Rush sounds like a fraternity thing) is interpreted to mean the watering and fructifying of all things, and in its nature it seems to bear some resemblance to the generative member. Moreover, when they celebrate the festival of the Pamylia, which, as has been said, is of a phallic nature, they expose and carry about a statue of which the male member is Triple. ; For the god is the source, and every source, by its fecundity, multiplies what proceeds from it; and for “many times” we have a habit of saying “Thrice”, as, for example “Thrice happy”, and

    Bond, even thrice as many, unnumbered, -Odyssey 8:340

    Unless, indeed, the word “Triple” (Trinity) is used by the early writers in its strict meaning; for the nature of moisture, being the source and origin of all things, created out of itself three primal material substances Earth, Air and Fire. In fact, the tale that is annexed to the legend to the effect that Typhon (Satan) cast the male member of Osiris into the river, and Isis could not find it, but constructed and shaped a replica of it, and ordained that it should be honored and borne in processions, plainly comes round to this doctrine, that the creative and germinal power of the god, at the very first, acquired moisture as its substance, and through moisture combined with whatever was by nature capable of participating in generation”.

    This is why Plutarch wrote again that Satan by nature is “opposed to moisture (Justice)”point 40. When Solomon cast out Demons they couldn’t pass through a cup or basin of water but had to knock it over (see Antiquities of the Jew Book 8: Chapter 2:5. Maybe this was symbolic of the Holy water jar mentioned by Plutarch. Also in Hollywood we learn from the Wizard of Oz that a green witch is evaporated with water spilled over on to her body.

    Lukewarm is just another substitute word for Tefnut-maat. But because Satan is opposed to moisture they have distorted its true meaning.

    When we get to the New Testament a countermand is issued that all foods were declared legal to eat. Did this include that notorious Tree in Genesis? If so was the fruit renamed Tefnut-Maat/moisture/Lukewarm?

    What did the Stoic historian Pliny the Elder mean when he said “Nature has provided the eye with many thin membranes and hard outside coverings as a protection against cold and heat she cleans the eyes with moisture....” (Natural History Book 11:147).

    How do these two Bible quotes below relate to Pliny and the 3rd chapter of Revelations?

    “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8)

    “Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God”. (3 John verse 12)

    All of these questions will be answered to explain how Lukewarm is based on an Egyptian goddess. Lukewarm is the Temperature of justice.

    Plutarch, in his essay Isis & Osiris p.83:

    “Egypt, moreover, which has the blackest of soils, they call by the same name as the black portion of the eye, ‘Chemia (Ham), and compare it to a heart,; for it is warm and moist,… like the heart in a man’s left side”. The Stoic Zeno taught the breath of the soul is warm (Lives of Eminent Philosophers Volume 2 p.261 By Diogenes Laertius).

    This is the condition of “Lukewarm” in which you had to be in front of the court of judgement in Egypt. For this reason of Racism that led to the attack of Ham’s eye’s as “homosexual” and the Criminal Justice System (Tree of right & wrong), would open your eyes (Genesis 3:1-7). This is why Plutarch wrote that Satan by nature is “opposed to moisture (Justice)” p.97. A second century, born in Africa, Christian, Minucius Felix said: “The Stoics firmly maintain that when the moisture is dried out, the universe must all take fire” (Octavius 34:2).

    Your heart, along with your eyes, have to be warm (Lukewarm) and moist with righteousness to get in heaven is abundantly clear. And only a league of Demons could oppose this as recorded.

    Just because Webster’s collegiate dictionary 11th edition defined lukewarm as “Lacking conviction, half-hearted” doesn’t mean they had the correct spiritual interpretation of things they know not. Lukewarm was and is the temperature of justice that couldn’t face the waft of being swallowed up.

    The words Luke & Look are phonetically/homophonically sounding alike and I see as linked together especially as a clue to a pun. Luke is associated with a doctor of healing likewise Tefnut “the heat of heaven” maybe named when moisture drawn by the sun from lakes and seas is partially evaporated to heaven like 75% of our body is made up of water. Is it a coincidence that we call Law Enforcement, our instruments of justice, the “heat”? To “see god” (i.e become cured/healed) are popular themes well known in Egyptian Literature. Let nobody bounce you off your square and become Hot or Cold towards Justice. Have a warm heart and get yourself a copy of this here book of mine. If you keep looking (Luking) warm towards me we can all keep our eyes on the prize.

    Andre Austin is the author of:

    1. Lukewarm: The Temperature of Justice

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