Chief Elder Osiris : Why Reparation?

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    Why Reparation?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    To Remain Silent Can Mean Two Things, One Of vigilant And One Of Stupidity, You Choose Which Represent Your Action In This Time Of Your Condition in Life.

    Reparation in all of its Sacredness, reveal the Devil, Satan, and Luciferian Spirit in you, based upon the spirit you display toward Reparation.

    Reparation is not about superficial civil rights or deceitful justice, it is about Universal Rights and Divine Justice, and as long as America refuse to honor our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors with Divine Respect, by paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation, America will remain the Devil it is, toward the Black Afrikan Nation.

    I can only give you my revealed perception about why Reparation is so meaningful and is such a integral part of Black people lives, regardless of where you might be residing outside of your mother and Father land, Afrika.

    Whether Black people know it or not, Reparation is essential to Black people becoming whole, complete again, and I indicate again, because at a time in our Past lives upon this planet, Black people experienced life in its completeness, united, intelligent and Divine.

    So to you who are Black and do not know Thyself, Reparation is more to Black people than a wanted check.

    Reparation is about Freedom for Afrika and Black People, and nothing else will surpass Reparation being the symbol of power and strength, control, authority, and freedom to be self determined, based upon the action of the Divine Black Mind.

    So, Reparation is far more to Black people than a social issue, a civil rights issue, it serve as a symbol of continue exposure of Racism continuously against Black Afrikan people, and Reparation require revolutionary action to show honor and respect when demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Reparation condemn all who are uncomfortable with its presence, because it serve as a fact that it is that which verify the continuous Racist prejudice that America continue to represent and practice against Black Afrikan People.

    Also, Black people who make claim to be free, and with Reparation still not honored by America and is without payment to our Enslaved Ancestors, it verify the pretending that goes on among Black people, you who claim to be intelligent, claiming to be free Black Americans, and yet denounce Reparation For Our Enslaved Ancestors.

    You see, the Human Being is not in a position of Mind to be able to define nor confine the power of Reparation.

    Reparation is not depended upon what and how you anti Reparation advocates, White, Black, or whomever, feel and believe about Reparation.

    Reparation, until it is given to fulfill the task it represent to perform, which is freedom and justice for our Enslaved Ancestors, translated to be for Afrika and Black Afrikan people, which is to take place in Afrika, then all that is claim to be done in support of Black people by those who created the institution of Chattel Slavery, will be revealed to remain the Devil, Satan, and Lucifer, he who created all means and method to degrade and demean Black Afrikan people.

    The claim of Black people confessing to be free, hold no precedent in the reality of Chattel Slavery and Reparation, it only reveal those who have been tricked into behaving as Human Beings, Lucifer Spirit of demonstration in the world against the Divine Beings, Black universal Beings that we are.

    What is Reparation in the context of Chattel Slavery, it is the symbol of Black Afrikan experience that serve as a unwavering reminder of the hypocrisy ingrained in America when pretending to be no longer the practitioner of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, lies and deceit against Black People and yet still refuse to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors what America owe to our Enslaved Ancestors, which is our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    America in truth, regarding our Enslaved Ancestors, is a lying and deceiving Racist country and will remain to be so, until reparation is paid to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Without the payment of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, there can be no act of reconciliation with those responsible for the Enslavement of our Afrikan ancestors, where reparation is the issue in fact, there can be no compromise of that fact.

    Because as long as America in her evil boldness choose to dishonor and disrespect Reparation, which is owed to our enslaved Ancestors.

    Let me share this with you, Reparation will continue to serve as the judge and jury that convict and condemn America to being the verified character of Lucifer, the creator of what now give cause for Reparation to be that which condemn America.

    So, even America in its costume, pretending to be the paragon of freedom and Justice for all, but America by its action shown toward Reparation, freedom and justice, serve as a silent act of stupidity, representing America exclusion of Black people from such a claim, Reparation.

    Freedom and justice in relationship to Reparation, and in view of America character spirit of its society and in view of America attitude toward Reparation, which is the verifier of our Afrikan Ancestors Enslavement in America, until such payment is paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, America remain the Racist country that she convey of herself.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved


    Chief Elder
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    In the Spirit of Sankofa and Peace and Love!

    .......Chief Elder Osiris, no truer words than these have been spoken on Reparation, past or present; well said indeed...Elder