Black Spirituality Religion : Why one should ask some worldly things?

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    Why one should ask some worldly things?

    You are doing worship and service to God. However, you are asking some worldly desires. For all this, you are forgetting that God Himself is the highest fruit. You can get infinite happiness even by singing a song on Him. Then how much bliss you get from serving Him? Then you are getting the infinite bliss directly from the worship and service of God. Why should you ask some worldly benefit which does not give even a trace of happiness and instead gives misery only?

    You are given a pot with divine nectar. You are selling it in a hotel for a cup of sugarless coffee. Therefore the devotees, who have tasted the bliss from His knowledge and from the devotion to Him, never ask for any other fruit. After all, the aim of the boon is only to get happiness. When you are deriving it in infinite quantity directly from God, why should you sell God for getting misery? The rich people who are blessed by God for their prayers are not at all happy.

    They are running to the spiritual people for getting just a drop of the divine nectar.A real spiritual devotee will refuse to sell even a drop of divine nectar to these rich people because if he does so, he will become rich and will have the same fate. If you see Goddess Lakshmi who is pressing the feet of the Lord with Her both hands is gaining infinite bliss from the service of the Lord. The Lord has given infinite wealth to Her. She knows that the wealth gives only misery. Therefore she never feels that she is the possessor of that wealth.

    She feels that she is the constant slave of the Lord. With just Her left hand, She is showering the inert gold coins, which give lot of misery only to the people who are craving for the wealth. While praying Goddess Lakshmi, we do not even understand Her nature and philosophy.

    Parvati is very beautiful. She was serving Lord Shiva with all good qualities like obedience etc. Still Lord Shiva was not attracted to Her even though the stupid cupid tried for it. The Lord turned him into ash and disappeared. The external beauty (form of matter) and good qualities (forms of awareness) are considered as unreal only by the Lord.

    However, when Parvati developed immense love through penance, the Lord tested whether such devotion was still attached to the external form and qualities. He came in disguise and discouraged Parvati about the frightening external form and the bad qualities about Shiva. But when the love of Parvati was proved to be above the external form and qualities, the Lord gave half of His body to Her. Later on He became even a slave of Her, keeping Himself under Her feet as you can see the dance of Kaali over Shiva.

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    I believe some ask for worldly desires in sincerity, not depending on the worldly things, but simply praying to the Father for help and assistance, believing in what the faithful Son have told us, in that by asking in His Name, it will be given. I don't think there is anything wrong with believing the faithful words of the Son; if their heart be right with the Father, they have no need to feel ashamed, and He will know from where there prayer do come. And if they are truly faithful to the Son for His sacrifice in the body for our sins which was for our salvation, and truly belief in His works and His resurrection from the dead to life eternal for our redemption, then I believe what they ask will be given because the Father is kind and merciful to all, and for His faithful, He has much love. :)