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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, is it not a fact that Race is a part of America Society and the World, regardless of how we Black Folks want it not to be and there are many of us who have created a psychological block to that Divine Truth, so much so, until we now live our Lives in the Midst of Racism, wanting and many of us believing that Racism is no longer a factor that hinder Black Folks from enjoying Justice and Equality of opportunity in America and the World, and I say, what a Foolish and easily deceived Black so call Afrikans, we have become in this present day and time..

As I was watching the last preparation to give Hillary the Democratic Nomination Tuesday, I saw a dejected and defeated Obama, just going through the motion of being a participant in the approval of Hillary for President of these United states, against a Black so call Afrikan Americans.

Let me say this, the greatest ally Obama had was the issue of Race and it was taking him on his way to the Nomination, yet he allowed Hillary, a sly Politician that she is, to convince Obama to not allow Race to be a factor in the Democratic Process, not in term of him acknowledging such a reality, when Hillary Know that such a factor will make her opportunity to become the Democratic Nominee for president more difficult, because she is dealing with a Man that attract both side of the Racial Reality.

To tell Black folks not to take Race into consideration when voting and you have the Hillary buffoons going along insulting Black folks, by telling them that Hillary should be the Black Choice, with an attempt to politically polarize the Black Vote, only Hillary stand to gain from such a tactic.

Every since Obama has been convinced to not acknowledge who he is, he has been appearing as a weakling that is uncertain about his politics.

Obama, unless he become who he is, will not win the Democratic Nomination, I must acknowledge that I could be reading this wrong, we will see, if I am, so, will you Obama Supporters Win, if so, well, you lose as well, and America will continue to be the Liars and Deceivers that they are about Racism in America Institutions of all Sorts, a Reality that even if Obama Win it all, it is the Fact of America and the World Powers Racism, that will be the cause for Black People not to prosper from an Obama Win.

I Know You Do not Want To Hear These Truths about Your Beloved Obama, but after Tuesday Night, I have Lost some respect for Obama Politics.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


Chief Elder


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