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Discussion in 'Black Poetry - Get Your Flow On!' started by flo-real, Mar 14, 2005.

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    Why my man gotta be locked up?
    Ladies how many of you got a man that's in jail and as you sit there taking
    his collect and sometimes 3 way calls you ask yourself
    why my man gotta be locked up!
    Don't you want better for yourselves?
    Yea I know you love him, you'll choose no one above him and all that stuff,
    but all along you're the one sitting at home, all alone, hoping he ain't on
    lockdown so you can get your weekly call on the phone.
    And after all is said and done, his conversation done almost made you cum. You ask yourself, why my man gotta be locked up!
    Hmmm I wonder whose really in prison here.
    Putting money on his books,that money you saved to improve your looks,
    you know, ya hair, ya nails your monthly hook up for yourselves,
    but now you gotta spend it down at the county jail. Yea you think twice about it, and even talk trash about it, but you know you better be down there after count with the right dollar amount or else yo behind is gone git it when he gets out................... But you gotta man though
    You ask yourself why my man gotta be locked up, but you know the answer to that. He did his wrong doing and tried to live phat. Robbed, lied, sold crack and other that stuff and now you bearing the burden and having life so rough.
    You wishing he was out and all he doing is going back in,
    girl if I were you I'd leave him there and find me another friend.
    Is this really what you want? constant hurt,
    Don't you think you deserve what you are worth.
    I'm not saying that he is a straight up criminal andhasn't made some mistakes. But it's time to let this drama wash off your plate,
    start all over with a clean slate,
    let that L7 take you on a date, a new found love.... try to create,
    forget about him in cell block D295638
    oh what's that feeling? that's the feeling of true love, but I guess
    you wouldn't know cause you've been on the back burner behind the selling of some drug, don't hug me in public "cause baby I'm a thug"
    but when they lock me up.... you betta show a brutha mad luv!
    but he never showed love to you,
    my bad except in the bedroom.
    This new found love is too much of a
    differance for you to cope with, so you resist it and that collect
    call...you go back and except it
    cause now your getting bored dealing with him, so you go back to his lovin,
    his thuggin, thug lovin!!
    and go back to the first question, that in the first place had you on stuck!
    which is why my man gotta be locked up!!
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    well now it raise questions and doubts and wonderment
    but sometime the why can lead to leaving , moving on
    do sista flow on.
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    Has to hurt, all the wondering about wondering why, when deep inside, you know why. Well written piece poet, flow on.
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    Right..We know we have to let go..but that love...wooo ..love will make you do right...love will make you do wrong..it'll make you ..do a lotta thangs. I felt this