Brother AACOOLDRE : Why Muslim terrorist call themselves Isis


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Jul 26, 2001
Why Muslim terrorist call themselves ISIS

By Andre Austin

I have a blog on and this young girl sent me a note:

“ISIS or ISIL as President Barry Soetoro refers to the terrorist group Daesh were "self proclaimed" by the mere structure of each names explanation:

ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

ISIL: Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”-Arianne

Today the term Levant is typically used in conjunction with prehistoric or ancient historical references. It has the same meaning as Syria-Palestine or the region of Syria

I will lay out the foundation for an alternative double entedre reasons why the CIA or Muslim terrorist abbreviated a terrorist group with an ancient goddess Isis

“Along came the skull-cap wearing Muslims and the creed of Islam, inspired by the ‘prophet Mohammed when he had a vision in the year 612AD. Once more we find that Islam’s roots are in Christianity and Judaism and therefore Babylon. Muslims see Islam as an updated continuation [ Black nationalist see the Egyptian religion as an old 8-track stereo to Islam], of the Judeo-Christian stream and they, too, trace their ancestry back to our old mate, Abraham, who is said to have emerged from the Sumerian (Founded by the Black Heads, black people), city of Ur (also known as Mesopotamia/Iraq), and headed up for Egypt. Josephus lied when said Abraham brought math with him to Egypt when the Pyramid’s and math predated Ur. Josephus also insulted the Temple of Isis in Rome with a fictional sex story.

[Gary Greenberg proves to my satisfaction that Hebrew scribes edited, redacted Abraham from coming from the Sudan/Ethiopia then moving up to Egypt see 101 Myths of the Bible]

Muslims believe that Abraham built the Kaaba, the sacred shrine at Mecca, and the focus of pilgrimage for muslims all over the world. But it was in fact originally a pagan temple of Goddess (Semiramis-Isis) worship featuring the famous Black Stone (now a black gang based out of Chicago)…The Black stone supposed to have been brought to Mecca by Abraham, was used originally for ancient pagan ritual. Again you see brotherhood symbolism in this new religion. The symbols of the crescent and the curved sword (Muslim reinact in prayer stance), the scimitar, are identified with the Moon and Venus, the morning star, the term used for Lucifer, Jesus and Isis…All three are brotherhood inventions…islam was created by the same brotherhood networks as the Christian religions, to further imprison, divide and rule.

Islam is not the opposite of Christianity and Judaism, they are all oppo-sames: the same state of mind with a different name, ultimately controlled by the same people”

See David Icke’s The Biggest Secret p.118-119 All info within the brackets are mine.

Icke goes on p.133 to link Mary the mother of Jesus with Isis, the virgin mother of the Egyptian son of God Horus, wife of Osiris. He points out Isis other names of “barati, Dianna, Rhea, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, Hecate, Juno, Ceres, Luna [Mary], and many, many others”.

Foolish grasshopper try to link President Obama’s nickname of barry with “barati” and grew a dislike for the insult to the Goddess Isis so he called the terrorist group Isil instead.

With all of this information I still hope that young girl doesn’t still believe that the Muslims or CIA Jesuits naming terror in the name of Isis was no mere accident or freak of nature.


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