Chief Elder Osiris : Why Mugabe Must Not Go!!!

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    Why Mugabe Must Not Go!!!

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, never have I seen such a Man since the Honorable Marcus Garvey that can stir up such emotions among Black people, yet such emotions are so divided along opinion line about President Mugabe, just as they were about the Honorable Marcus Garvey among Black People, some despised the Honorable Marcus because of the Garvey Verbal Thesis about people that had caused nothing but pain and sorrow for Black people, even unto death, you had the submissive, permissive Black Afrikans, they that believed that the Honorable Marcus Garvey Doctrine and method of operation in behalf of Black people was in fact wrong, based on their wanting belief, a belief that claimed that in order for Black people to get ahead ( whatever that mean ) then Black people must obey those that oppresses Black people and never question their intention when it come to their action in regard to Black so call Afrikans and those Negroes did not stop until the Honorable Marcus Garvey was no more.

    There is a saying that say, if you do not learn from your Past, you stand bound to repeat it and in our past, there are Divine Time and Evil time, so you are required to know how far to go back and lear and repeat the past that verify your divinity and not your oppression beloved.

    Now, concerning the honorable Mugabe, here is a Black man and from his action, demand that you either recognize the divine Truth of his action or you hate the Divine Truth of his action, all because you have been conditioned to love the profane lies and act of deception that come from a people that have a history of killing and oppressing Black so call Afrikans, so in my Mind, The Honorable President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe, he stand as a beacon of Liberation for Afrika and the Black Afrikan People, not just the Zimbabwe people but all of Black so call Afrikan people, regardless of regions or state identification, which we now wear to be recognize as being different and away from each other, but your coat of Blackness remain to serve notice of whom you are, Black Woman and Man, whether you accept it or not.

    What is it that this man Mugabe is doing that cause some of us Black people to act in great display of our Human Being Mind, a mind that blind you from the Divine Truth about what is happening in Zimbabwe and is happening or is to happen in other parts of afrika if the Black Woman and Man do not bow down to the False Light that now rule the physical illusion world today, unless you reclaim your divine Mind.

    Tell me, what is it that caused Mugabe to fall from being the darling of Zimbabwe to the alleged Tyrant he now is being labeled as being, what happen that caused the West and America United States to attack the people of Zimbabwe by imposing sanctions upon the people, so that their Economy become as an old worn out dish rag, tell me, what did Mugabe do so awful to cause this plauge to come upon the people of Zimbabwe, I will tell you what he did, Mugabe acted as the Waring Liberator that he is and defied the Might of the World by putting Black people in the Place we originally occupied before the coming of the Human Being into our House and that place is First place in the World and Divine Minds of Black people and now Afrika and the Black Afrikans are divided because of divided opinion about a people with a history of kicking Black people in the behind and stealing our Divine Mind and now we are not qualified to Think Divinely about what is happening in Zimbabwe, while all of the Blame for the Zimbabwe people poverty is now being laid squarely at the feet of this brave Warrior for AFrika and Black so call Afrikans Liberation, President Mugams, how sad and pitiful black folks have become in our ignorance.

    I seek not your accolades nor do I expect your acceptance of that which is Divinely True, whic I share with you, because the Rulers of the World have captured your divine Mind and now you act and behave at the direction of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that has confessed to be a Liar and Deceiver, even at birth, so vent all of your anger and frustration toward the President of Zimbabwe as you will, but a True Divine Black Warrior is not impressed nor moved by signs of weakness in the face of the enemy and the Enemy to the Zimbabwe People happen to be those that now impose Sanctions against the Zimbabwe People, as they lie and say their action is not affecting the Zimbabwe people.

    Stand! Stand Strong My Dear Brother Mugabe! Remain firm In The Struggle And Fight For Afrikans Liberation, As we In The Diaspora Begin to Identify The Brave Warrior so designated By Our Ancient First way ancestors, in order to act in behalf of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans Liberation.

    Mugabe must not go, because if he does, so goes the hope of the Zimbabwe people, even as many of them know not the value of their President, Mugabe.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder