Black People Politics : Why most Conspiracy Theories are DOA

I agree Conspiracies Theories are an Industry....
It only remains a Theory if it is not put into practice.
For it to be a Conspiracy parts of it have to be secret and or harmful.
I submit that both the Tobacco and Pharmaceutical Industry are very Successful and long lasting Conspiracies.

Please provide an example of the particular Conspiracy theory you are talking about?

Biotech stocks and Chemical Companies continue to gain revenue and investors.

No but many are Sheeple...meaning they are susceptible to Propaganda(Marketing).

Maybe you haven't notice.....the great increase in the use of Speed and Stop light Cameras.
Believe it or not most are own by a private company who shares the revenue with the State.

It is simpler than you think...just appeal to the greed of the officials and market it to the public as a safety issue.

In the Sixties the Russians marvel at how the US use Mass Media to control and mold Public Opinion....whilst they had to use fear threats and intimidation of brutal physical force.
Marketing is the tool used to control and manipulate's called PR - Public Relations.(CMP)

Check out..
Propaganda - Ed Bernays
Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky
Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein
IMHO its important to see the deference between conspiracy (must remain secret) and propaganda (misinformation usually meant to confuse).
One needs to kept in the locked closet while the other takes place openly and with the willing consent of the recipient.
One; one chooses to openly participate while in the other one has no choice what so ever and in fact no participation what so ever. Its secret.
so true...



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