Brother AACOOLDRE : why Jesus had to be born on December 25

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    Why Jesus was born on December 25

    By Andre Austin

    Regarding Christ birth and establishment of Christmas by Pope Julius 1 assimilated the festival with that of the birth of Mithra, the "Unconquered Sun" (Osiris) on December 25 (354AD), in order to facilitate the more complete Christianisation of the Roman Empire. The Saturnalia festival from which christmas originated was fused with exchanging gifts, sex and the switching of roles. Keep in mind Osiris was in part a "Tree god".

    Therefore, Christ birth at the winter solstice was not formalized until the fourth century-and this fact demonstrates a deliberate contrivance by Christian officials to usurp other religions, as we contend the entire Christian religion was specifically created by human beings to do. what could have inspired Pope Julius 1 to choose the date of December 25 unless it be the Egyptian tradition perpetuated by the Roman calendar

    It should be kept in mind also that this December 25th date was related to the Nativity of John the Baptist at the Summer solstice, or June 24th, per the Catholic calendar of festivals. the placement of Christmas and St. John's day as six months apart is based on Biblical scripture at Luke 1:24-27, in which the Baptist Mother Elizabeth (symbolic of Isis Barren sister Nephthys) said to have conceived six months before the "Virgin" Mary (Isis) did likewise. The astrotheological nature of this tale is further evidenced in John 3:30 where Baptist made to mysterious say he must increase and I decrease were in fact discussing the winter and summer sun as it moved from solstice to solstice.

    The Christians like to cite Matthew because some sheep, Cows and cattle are out or in the manager to refute a winter birth but all the gods had two birthdays in the summer/winter solstice. Taking our inspiration from historian Plutarch in his Isis and Osiris we could also establish a relaionship between the birth of Nephthys (sister of Isis), who enters the world through her mother's rib like that of Eve created from the rib of Adam. By metaphor and llegory the Christians switch this back to Jesus see 1 Corinthians 15:44-49).


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