Black People : Why Is Vegetarianism So Big In Black Consciousness?

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    I attended an African centered private school for 1st grade. That is where I first encountered vegetarianism. The woman that ran the school and her many sons that attended the school were all vegetarians. There was a school policy that no child could eat pork on the school's premises. I get why the exclusion of pork has entered the diets of black people, but why do so many black people who first become "conscious" enter through the door that says "don't eat meat?"

    When I look at the continent called Africa. Vegetarianism isn't historically big at all. You have a portion of Ethiopians (Abyssinians) who practice it, but Abyssinians aren't the most "African" people on the continent. Well what do I mean by that? Africa has its immigrant populations just like Australia and the Americas.
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    No vegetarianism is not big in Africa, but what is big in Africa is a prevalence of what our Carribbean sisters and brothers call

    Provisions, as in that which provides essential nutients and nourishment to the pineal gland enhancing the protection and sustaining melanin, as well as providingan exhorbitant amount of minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins

    provisions consist of
    Yellow Yam
    green Bannana

    also the judicious and prevalent use of the peanut and the
    [hell why that stuff priced so high!] Okra

    The western diet with it's high prevalence of huge portions of meat,
    small portions of whole grains or none at all,
    and practicly no green red or orange vegies, except in Mediterannean regions

    has done a wonderful job in white supremacies goal to reduce the Black population in the United States,

    as well as enrich the the HMOs created by Richard Milhouse Nixon,
    by keping our old folks and nw our youth in hospitals with

    Colon Cancer
    Prostate Cancer
    Breast cancer
    Heart dieases of all kinds

    Since Home Economics has been removed from the school curiculums, in the past 15 years,

    there is a whole generation that is unaware of the concept of a balanced diet,
    let alone the value of vitamins, mineral, antoxidants, or basic food preperation and cooking skills, therefore a large population, has become dependant on fast foods and processed foods.

    On a program on nutrition a minute ago on,
    therewas a shcking discussion and expose of infants having, damaged livers and toddlers having diabetes like elders.

    it came to be known that there were parents who where so out of touch with basic nutrition, that they were giving infants mashed up french fries, diluted with tap water, as a vegetable.

    Black consciousness is basicly about survival,
    and those into that try to stay on the cutting edge of what is going on in contemporary

    food, clothing and shelter,
    and the understanding that the fried chicken, short ribs, baked ham,
    meatloaf and BBQ Turkey that grandma ate in the 20s,

    is now a chemical , antibiotic, and hormone laced sesspool, of possibly GM, or cloned crap, put on the market with no testing or oversight as to what harm it could cause the public.

    So realy it's a matter of, do folks desire to make guinea pigs of their families, or.................................................