Black Money Business Jobs : Why is there no thread about Economics?


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Jun 13, 2007

I selected that video because it is short and gives a historical perspective. Economics is a subject that that contains a lot of b**ls**t.

My father owned a grocery store and sometimes sent me to an Arab owned store to check their prices. It was a Black neighborhood so why did Black Americans make Arabs successful.

He was constantly bugging me about running my own business. He was working 6 1/2 days a week and I found the business really boring. When I was about 12 I asked him about learning accounting. He told me it was hard and gave me no encouragement.

I wish I had taken it in high school but I don't even know if they had the course. I was assigned to the College Prep Curriculum with no mention of accounting. Now I think it should be mandatory for everyone and should have been done since the 1950s.

The Screwing of the Average Man (1974) by David Hapgood

That book got me interested in economics.

Notice that economists do not talk about planned obsolescence and the depreciation of durable consumer goods. Smith and Marx never saw planned obsolescence and Keynes died in 1946. Quite likely he never saw a television commercial.

The economic wargame is a continuation of the military wargame by other means. We have to pay them to live on stolen land and work for them to get the money. MLK and Malcolm X could have advocated mandatory accounting for Black kids. What books did they ever suggest ?
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Jun 13, 2007
Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations is in the public domain and can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg and searched. The printed book can cost you $15 and take a lot of effort to search. Has Smith's "Invisible Hand" been used as a propaganda tool for decades since most people would never read WoN?

Smith used the word 'invisible' six times but only once as "invisible hand". It is really curious that we hear about the 'invisible hand' so much.

Smith used the word 'education' EIGHTY TIMES. We are not told about that. Search for "and account" and you will find multiple instances of "read, write, and account", not "read, write and arithmetic". Double entry accounting was more than 300 years old when Smith wrote Wealth of Nations, but 50% of Brits were illiterate and public schools did not exist in 1776.

The United States could have made accounting/finance mandatory in the schools since Sputnik. Wouldn't that have helped everyone best serve their own self interest? But we do not hear the people who propagandize us about the "invisible hand" advocating mandatory accounting because that might make their invisible rip-offs more difficult.

Adam Smith never used the word 'depreciation' in WoN. He mentioned paper money being depreciated one time. Marx wrote about 'depreciation' 35 times in Das Kapital, sometimes regarding the depreciation of machines and sometimes of money. Marx even mentioned Adam Smith 130 times though not much about education.

Consumers did not buy automobiles, air conditioners, televisions and microwave ovens before 1885.
Marx died in 1883.

But it's OK! Our brilliant economists do not talk about the depreciation of under engineered consumer trash today either. Every time you buy a replacement the purchase is added to GDP. What about NDP? Oh sorry, when do you ever hear an economist explain NDP? That's OK too, they only depreciate the Capital Goods and ignore the depreciation of consumer junk anyway.

Wealth of Nations has probably been in the public domain for a very long time but cheap computing did not make it available in Project Gutenberg until 3/17/2001. Milton Friedman died in 2006. Was Friedman giving us the straight dope on economics or treating us like a bunch of dopes for decades?

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