Chief Elder Osiris : Why Is There No Major Film On The Life Of The Honorable Marcus Garvey???

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    Why Is There No Major Film On The Life Of The Honorable Marcus Garvey???

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know it is not difficult to be against any and everything that is not as you want it to be, but to be in support of that which should require a Mind that is Divine, meaning the thoughts and Ideas that come from such Mental action, are well in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with Why Is There No Major Film On The Life Of The Honorable Marcus Garvey???
    the Facts that surround the topic and/or issue under discussion, so when it come to the Honorable Marcus Garvey, only the foolish profane believers have nothing Honorable to say about the Honorable Marcus Garvey, the contemporary greatest Black Afrikan to have come this way in the last Twentieth Century.

    Now, such a statement about the Honorable Marcus Garvey and his greatness is not based on frivolous selfish ego or ignorance, and a lost of appreciation for empirical facts that surround Garvey Life activities in pursuit for Dignity, Respect, and Natural Life Freedom for the Black World, would cause ignorance to be expressed, concerning the Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    None referring to themselves as Afrikan and Black, involved in activity claimed to be in pursuit of Justice for the Black World, either during the Life Time or After the life Time of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, can make Truthful claim to have accomplished in task, more than that which the Honorable Marcus Garvey did accomplish for Black People..

    None of the so call Black active organizations can measure up to the importance and success of the Honorable Marcus Garvey UNIA, and he gained his organization success, not based on placating and bowing to those that have a history of oppressing Black People the world over, nor bowing to the integrationist Negroes, those that were and are motivated in their organizations or individual efforts, based solely on their Wants and not the Needs of the Black so call Afrikan World in, they being in total opposition to everything the Honorable Marcus Garvey said and was doing in behalf of the Black World and this Divine Truth if disputed, is done so without empirical facts to base any dispute upon and will be done by foolish wanting so call African Black Negroes, those that are always in a hurry to please those people that are out to oppress, suppress, and subject Black People to the most painful life living that they are qualified to impose upon Black People.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey, in his effort to raise Black Folks from our knees, succeeded in having Black people to be proud of their phenotype and begin to regain self respect for our Black selves and it was done by the effort and determination of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and such a success of accomplishment should never be forgotten by Black People, ,just as the action of Chattel Slavery must never be forgotten by self dignified and proud Black People, those with the dedication and commitment to never stop in our agitation and demand for Justice for our Enslaved Ancestors and Afrika must be for the Afrikans again and the so call Afrikan Black World Must be United again, such was the vision and dream of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and such is the vision and dream of the present day Garveyites as I speak today.

    So, tell me,why haven't there been a Major motion picture made about the Life and action of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, the Man whose philosophy and Opinion is revered by many so call Afrikans Black people today and yet Black People do not know of that fact to be True because most Black people today the world over, do not know who the Honorable Marcus Garvey was and is today.

    I think all of us Garveyites are derelict in our Duty with respect to the Honorable Marcus Garvey, until we are successful in finding someone in the movie industry that will consent to produce a Movie expressing the Life and Time of the Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    I Understand that Danny Glover is going to do a Film on the Life of Toussaint Louverture, which is very nice and now I challenge those Black folks involved in the Movie industry in any way, to rise up and give serious consideration to producing a Movie that will be about the Life and Time of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and I appeal to all none ashamed Garveyites, strong will and Mind, to join me on such a quest that will be the greatest Honor we can pay to the Honorable Marcus Garvey, because there is none in term of effort that is as important than pictures when trying to get a point or a message across to the Black World first, and the World in general.

    Beloved Garveyites, it is Time for the Garveyites to be strong and confident against the opposition to the Garveyian type ideas, opinion, and philosophy, those that advance the dream and desire of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, which is that, Afrika must be for the Afrikan, and the so call Afrikan World must be reunited again, in that place referred to as Afrika.

    The Divine Truth, Many So Call Afrikan Black Negroes Despise The Divine Truth And The Black World Suffer From Such A Sickness!!!

    Here Is Loving You


    Chief Elder
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    The rotten Apple

    "truth does not make sense to those who don't know it"

    "our open enemies know the truth, therefore they don't want to show it"

    Marcus Mosiah Garvey was/is the Truth.....his message has dissapated into so many different factions world wide....As'e

    They only make movies about our leaders that they have murdered for the most part!!

    I love you back Chief Elder Osiris