Chief Elder Osiris : Why Is There A Claim To An Afrikan Liberation Day When There Is No Liberation

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    Why Is There A Claim To An Afrikan Liberation Day When There Is No Liberation

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    If there is anything the Black Afrikan has mastered in America it is how to be hypocritical and highly pretentious, and to go along with such deception, it is the arrogance the Black Afrikan display, which is to imply that all is well with Black Afrikan people in America, as if to say that the status of Afrikan People and Afrika, is just what it should be and that the Black Afrikan has everything to be thankful and proud of about our Black Afrikan Selves.

    Tell me, how does a Black Afrikan in America justify claiming a day of Afrikan Liberation, what evidence do we have that will verify our need for such a celebration that imply that the Black Afrikan Nation is Freely embraced with Divine Justice, or is it that the Black Afrikan disrespect Divine Reality and has opt to perceive of our own definition of Reality, and a people who do not know who in Hell that we are, is incapable of being serious about the empirical fact that verify our True and Real status in America, Afrika, and the World today.

    So tell me beloved, have you ever noticed that the Black Afrikan is the most celebrating people in the world, making false claim about ourselves in order to celebrate, because of such a flaw, we have come to be the most despised people in the world, but to the Black Afrikan it is not about what is real about what we claim about our Black Afrikan Selves, it is all about how we perceive ourselves to be and based upon perception and not conception, Black Afrikan people look at ourselves to be as we want ourselves to be and not how we need ourselves to be, which is realistic Liberated Free Black Afrikan People, which we Black Afrikan people are not today, Liberated I Mean.

    How can a self knowledgeable Black Afrikan make claim to a Liberation that has yet to be, and how do we justify the claim of an Afrikan Liberation Day while the action of injustice serve as handcuffs around our Divine Mind, and because the Black Afrikan can not Think Divinely using the Mind method of believing about our oppressors, the Black Afrikan has settled for a life of pretending and hypocrisy, a life based upon Lies and Deception, with those evil and vile principles used as guidance for our life, we end up displaying such a profane spirit that have us celebrating our present day oppression and calling it a life of Afrikan Liberation, what dishonest Black Afrikan People we have become and we have the audacity to become angry and displeased when the Divine Truth come to serve as a Divine Mirror that reflect not belief, faith, and hope grounded in Wishful pretending, but reflect a knowledgeable Divine Truth and Reality of the Black Afrikan Body Life Living condition, today.

    Beloved, Liberation is an indication of Freedom and Divine Justice, independence with a Sovereign of Life, where are those principles present in the daily living of the Black Afrikan, not in America Diaspora, not in Europe, Not in Asia, most certainly not in Afrika or any where else the so call Black Afrikan is residing on this planet today, so what Divine Meaning does it serve for the Black Afrikan American to make claim to and to celebrate an Afrikan Liberation Day, without first doing what is needed to be done to justify such a claim to such a day, point to me the evidence that justify such a claim and need to celebrate such a day that represent such dishonesty,beloved.

    As I have shared with you, Freedom Liberation does not come in degrees, not in spurts and not from lying and deceiving about such a status and it does not come from wishful believing, Divine Freedom Liberation is absolute and when it is taken away from you, it take action to take it back, either Freedom Liberation is intimate in your Life or it is not, and it is not today, so what justify Black Afrikans to make claim to an Afrikan Liberation Day, and go into celebration as if the Black Afrikan has been Liberated and is Free from all Evil injustice that bind the Mind of the Black Afrikan.

    The Black Afrikan American has become so Mentally Blind and Self debasing to the point that a life of pretending is justified to the Black Afrikan and when a people have become immune to being embarrassed and ashamed of the way our lives are being disrespected today, then yes, you can live a life of hypocrisy and treat it to be a life of Honesty and Divine Truth and Reality, and that is the way the Black Afrikan conduct ourselves today and there is no wonder we can clown and joke about our living misery and pretend all is well with the Black Afrikan claiming Liberation, when the state of condition of Afrika and the Black Afrikan people does not signify anything close to the Black Afrikan has been Liberated today.

    Liberation is not associated with limited personal achievement and accomplishment, it has no relationship with advancement or betterment, it is about unadulterated Freedom with independence, without condition of limitation, it is what it is, uninhibited expression, having full control with authority over the Black Afrikan Life, absent of influence coming from those other people with a history of oppressing the Black Afrikan, and until that day can be Divinely verified, the day of Afrikan Liberation has yet to come to the Body Life of the Black Afrikan.

    So I ask, what Divine just Cause give the Black Afrikan to make claim to an Afrikan Liberation Day, which call for Black Folks celebration?

    You might ask, why am I so negative and my reply is, only the Divine Truth will uncover and expose lies and acts of deception and if the Divine Truth is to be classified as being negative, then I stand proudly stand in the front of that line that reveal the negativity of the Black Afrikan.

    Beloved, the Civil War was not about you, it was not about the Enslavement of our Afrikan Ancestors, that war was purely about the commercial difference held by the North and South and Lincoln himself clearly stated that his concern was about keeping the Union together and not about Freeing Black Afrikans and if it came to keeping the Union united, then Hell yes if those Black Afrikans would fight for the union solidarity, he would relax the Law that approve the Enslavement of the Black Afrikan, not Free the Afrikan but grant us privilege to move about without obvious restrictions in America, which is a Helluva lot difference than being Free.

    Liberation come with Freedom, Authority, and Justice, and those three principles the Black Afrikan has yet to enjoy and the only True act of Freeing the Black Afrikan, is to Free our Enslaved Ancestors and such a Freedom Liberation come through the Divine Justice of Reparation payment to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Harriet Tubman did not aid in Freeing the Slaves, she helped in rescuing the Slave from one America region to another, commonly referred to as the North, there where the America Law of Segregation, Discrimination and acts of Injustice was as common in the North as it was in the South, and where there is injustice toward the Black Afrikan, there can not be the experience of Liberation, and when it come to the Black Afrikan, Reparation and Liberation is synonymous to each action..

    Let Those Who Are Wise Among Us, Know and Understand What Just Has Been Shared With You, Beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]