Chief Elder Osiris : Why Is The Divine Truth So Unpopular With Black People?

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    Why Is The Divine Truth So Unpopular with Black People?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much more Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    Black people have a talent about them which is that if they take a liking to something they will in fact popularize it, which is why the Divine truth is not popular among most Black People.

    You know what, we have certain Black people paying attention to certain claimed to be successful Black people, and wanting what other Black people of status have and is doing to glamorize themselves.

    Such a behavior has been the conditioning of Black people by Black people, those who have been made to look successful and intelligent.

    So, those caliber of Black people who honor the Black claimed to be leaders, are not with large material possession and has been successfully mentally conditioned to believe it is natural to have Black people who have been allowed to appear to be material successful in life, to hold up those caliber of Black people in admiration, allowing them to serve as their role model, and to follow their advice about what is to be of great importance in their considered to be low and feeble lives.

    You see, what those Black people who have been made to be without the things that will have their lives to live comfortable, what they do not know is that they have been made to give honor and respect to those Black people who Lucifer has allowed to appear to be rich, successful, and talented intelligent, they not being able to realize that most of those caliber of Black appearing to be successful people, they are the Traitors to the Black Race, and is the most ignorant of all, they having not the quality of Mind that blossom the quality of spirit that show respect to themselves.

    Now, if you are Black and is busy reclaiming your Divine mind, then you will be able to follow this Divine reasoning about your so call Black Afrikan Leaders, they who sanctify Lucifer Religion to Black people, and spend all of their Time making sure that Lucifer lies and act of deception remain with root in the mind of most Black people, those who are now conditioned to look upon so Black female professionals as being the prima dona in the presence of the Black Race, serving to be of no benefit to the Black Race.

    Beloved, any Black person, be they laymen or professional economic appearing to be secure, they who advocate any form of religious belief, is your enemy.

    Oh yes beloved, any so call Black Afrikan who is without shame an self respect, will stand before you telling you that your life freedom must be depended upon you embracing Jesus or some other religious fantasy character, they who do so, is your enemy.

    Now, why do I share this Divine information with you, well it is as I just shared with you in my last post, I see clearly What is not Divine about Black people spirit, and the reason why.

    That reason is Lucifer Religion, it having Black leaders claiming to be protective of you Black people, while disarming your mind, by having you to worship Lucifer Religious Jesus, which is why the Divine truth is not popular with you Black people.

    Beloved, ignorance is the major weapon used against Black people, it being disguise as intelligence and the major user of that weapon happen to be those Black leaders claiming to be ministers and preachers ordered to be by God.

    Therefore, any so call leader or professional worth their Divinity, and will have the weakness of a gall of ignorance claiming to be intelligent, and will lead you to believe that Afrika problem and Black people disunity is in need of you submitting to serve Lucifer Religious Jesus, and Jesus underlings, they being those portraying to be God under some other denomination of religion, to submit to such a deception, will be the continued death to come to a Black people without a Divine leader.

    You see, a Divine leader is without compromise, when sharing the Divine Truth, and you Black people been made to popularize a lie rather than the Divine truth.

    So, in no way will freedom come back to the house of Divinity, you Black people, until you once again popularize the Divine Truth, and you do that, by rejecting Lucifer Jesus religion and any and all other religion that bow to Jesus in all type form or shape.

    You see beloved, the art of science does not validate a Lie, and Jesus is a Lie, created by Lucifer the Human Being.

    Tell me my dear Sisters and Brother in Divinity, how in the hell can somebody Divinely intelligent, advocate to Black people to bow down and accept Jesus as your personal savior, and remain to appear to be intelligent in your sight.

    It is the foolish among us that love Jesus, and remain to suffer, having such a belief that such an act is wise to do, but the wise among you, show compassion in knowing the Divine Reality and Truth about the Divine Essence and desire not to suffer, It Is The All And All Of That which Is, and Is not, Yet Is What It Is Not to Be, A Lie that deceive you.

    Black people have been well conditioned to popularize a Lie while vilifying the Divine truth and there is no wonder why it is that Black people get no respect, which is because most black people have no respect for Self.

    In no way will intelligence bow to the ignorance of religion.

    So, all who bow to religion, confessing to be intelligent, they verify their level of being an enemy to the Divine truth.

    Be kind To your self, beloved


    Chief Elder
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