Chief Elder Osiris : Why Is Reparation The Most Neglected Issue by Black Leadership ?

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Why Is Reparation The Most Neglected Issue by Black Leadership In America?

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, when it come to the issue of Reparation, it is very apparent that America Black Leadership has been ordered to neglect the issue of Reparation and they do so without objection, that is what make most of the Black Leadership, America Black Leaders, and not Black People Leaders in America, as a matter of fact, Black People do not have Leadership in America that is beholden to Black People and our Problems in America and it is the quality of Spirit Black people display in America that verify that Black people are without Black quality Leadership in America.

Reparation is a very revealing and convicting issue, it clearly identify those Black Leaders who are of no service to the problems that effect the lives of Black people in America and they march not to the drum beat of need of Black people, but they march to the drum beat of Black people oppressors and they are the people who every day, Lie and Deceive Black people, using their oppressors Media network, and it is that propaganda the oppressors use, that select , choose, and approve who among Black people are to be the leaders of Black people and they do so by continuing to expose their selected Black Leaders to Black People, over their media network.

Black people have become conditioned to accept any and everything that the media expose to us, claiming it to be Real and True, so when those Black people who have been chosen to be Black folks Leaders and they are continuously exposed over white folks propaganda media machine, both electronic and printed, and Black people are told those Black faces are their leaders, then Black people by our conditioned Human Being Mind toward the Media, we gladly accept, issuing no demand of accountability from the selected by America Black Leaders.

So Hell no, America will not allow its Black Leaders to honestly address the issue of Reparation, as it is suppose to be addressed, what the Black Leaders do, is pour an abundance of disrespect upon the issue of Reparation and those same Black Leaders go as far to attempt to demean the importance and the true significance of the most relevant and Sacred issue to come before America, that is without a doubt in favor of Black People in America who are in America not by choice.

Now, what has that to do with that Sacred and Divine issue Reparation, is that the Mass of Black people who do not know anything about Reparation, their knowledge of Reparation is based upon the fallacy of belief, and that belief has caused many Black People who now advocate for Reparation, we do so based upon what we want Reparation to mean and represent to us ill informed Black people and when Black people are in pursuit of anything pertaining to the Freedom of Black People, we seem to always become an expert in defining the issues we advocate to meet our Wants and not our Needs, and that is the best approach by black people that serve to be an ally to maintain Black people oppression and captivity in America.

Yet you Black people wonder why it is that Reparation have yet to get the respect it deserve from, not white people, but from Black people, because not until Black People grow up in the Divine True Knowledge to Understand the Divine significance of that sacred Divine issue, Reparation, and come to know what that issue of Reparation mean to Afrika and to the Black Afrikan Nation, then Black people can look forward to being led by America Black Leaders, and those leaders do not give one **** about Afrika nor about the state of Mental condition of Black people, concerning our Black selves in America , in Afrika, or anywhere else we now find ourselves upon this Planet.

It is Time for those Black People who claim a Divine Respect for the issue of Reparation, to come to know that Reparation need not to be Define by the Children of the Middle Passage and not by any other so call Black Afrikan any where upon this Planet, Why?

Because Reparation has been so defined and its meaning has been established by who and what it represent, which happen to be our Enslaved Ancestors, they who have made it possible for their Children to Demand their Reparation without Compromise, because you do not need to compromise the empirical fact that substantiate the Divine truth of our Enslaved Ancestors Suffering and enforced Labor they performed in America and have yet to be paid for all of the Labor and Damage our enslaved Ancestors endured, so that today we can stand proud with undaunted hesitation in demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors does not need to be proved to be a justified debt owed to them by America and her allies in Enslaving our Black Afrikan Ancestors, the fact that America is, and We Black Folks in America are here without our consent, prove Reparation to be justified to be paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, just as you pay the Farm Workers and other Laborers in America today, then it is the same way our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation must be paid and no selfish water down Mind of a Black Reparation Advocate, has the dignity of Right, to try and redefine or to interject a selfish meaning as to what Reparation Mean to the selfish Black Reparation advocates.

Reparation need no help in verifying who it represent in America and the World, because whom Reparation Represent, the world as a whole has prospered from whom Reparation represent and they are our Enslaved Ancestors, not the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors but directly our Enslaved Ancestors and to know that, is to know what service Reparation is to serve to our Enslaved Ancestors, and that service must be to take our Enslaved Ancestors back Home to that place now referred to as Afrika!!!

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

No, No, our Enslaved Ancestors do not need America Black Leaders support, nor do they need those weak Minded Black Leaders opinion about Reparation, what Reparation need is Black Divine Minds with the Knowledge of our Enslaved Ancestors Desire, when standing and bending under the weight of America oppressive abuse and they at that Time or any other Time, they most certainly was not of a Mind of claiming America under any circumstance, because their Spirit of Divine Mind was always Seeing themselves back in their Home Land and not the Land they were being forced to Till, nor a Country that they were being forced to build, such does not develop an in-kind relationship to a people country that has been constructed upon Land taken by force from somebody other than the European Slave Masters, in a Land they chose to label to be America.

So the only thing America Represent to our Enslaved Ancestors, is the Debt of Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors so that the Journey that has been in wait to take place for approximate Five Hundred Years can commence to take place by their Children with a Divine Mind and a Spiritual Connection to Afrika and to a Fallen Black Nation in need of being Reunited Again, so that Afrika can become Afrika Again.

Reparation, it is not an issue in need of being debated over its relevancy or Justified Need to be accomplished as a payment of a Debt that has been long outstanding, owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, because it is to serve as the symbol of the Ark that will take our Enslaved Ancestors Home, through the Genetic connection with their Children who have reclaim their Divine Mind in progress.

Can you Understand That, Beloved.

Reparation does not form a Relationship with the Trinity of Evil , which is Vain Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, and vain selfishness, Reparation is about restoring the Black Nation and causing Afrika To Become Afrika Again, that is why the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors Must become the next State in Afrika and not wandering settlers in Afrika..

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



Chief Elder

The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement


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Nov 17, 2006

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