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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Yes beloved, you are reading the question correctly and the Subject question is a valid and suggested correct one, to imply of us Black Folks, with the evidence to validate the correctness of the question implication, concerning the Mentality of Black People, is our current condition and position in the World, as we have become of the World as well.

It has become the nature of the so call Afrikan Human Being, to live our current Life in a state of denial, evidence that we Black People no longer operate in a Mind we have Long abandon, that Mind being our Divine Mind, so because Black People no longer take pride in developing Thoughts that are in Harmony, Order, and Balance in our Reasoning and use of Logic, when addressing the Cause and Effect of those events that now have us not giving one **** about the Quality our Black now Life we Live, we end up in the position we now occupy in the World, a position that no Sane Divine Thinking Black Being can and will be satisfied and proud with.

So the question is a Divine Valid one, which is, why is it that Black People are the only people in this evil world that take pride in our oppression ?

The proof that Black People have no shame, no self respect, no Knowledge of Self, is the way we conduct our Life in the world, we have yet to rise up in unison and put into action an attitude and behavior that will give an indication that we will no longer allow our Life to be dictated by people with a History of stating about Black People that we have no Rights that they are bound to respect and those people that has made such a statement, they have by their attitude and behavior toward Black People, verify that they are serious about what they believe about Black people, yet we Black People have reconstructed our Life to conform with the edicts of the Human Being evily structured way of Living.

The Black World, because we despise what is required of us to do, in order to redirect our Life in a more compatible Direction which will be the direction that our First Way Divine Ancestors Traveled, while on this Planet, we choose not to do as I Divine First Way Ancestors taught us to do, which is to be independently Creative in our Thinking, a Mental process we Black People no longer use in our present day Life decision making.

So yes, there is no apparent resentment coming from Black People toward those people that now carry out the edicts that Govern this world Life Living, the edicts that the oppressors of Black People long ago established for our Black Life to obey and Follow,.

So based upon the Belief of the oppressors, that we Black People do not have Rights in this World that they are bound to respect and such is the attitude and behavior of the off-spring of their Racist and unjustified practice Prejudice, which today come from the Children of their parents, that did in fact created the practice of Racism toward the Black World.

Potential Black goddess and god of the Black World Family, observe the condition of that so call Land, Afrika, observe the Children of our Divine First Way Ancient Ancestors, we that now refer to ourselves as Afrikan Human Beings without shame, and you tell me that there is no pride coming from the so call Afrikan Human Being over our present state of condition in the world of Black People, if you refute such a Claim being made about the attitude and behavior of the Black World taking pride in our oppression, then point to me the evidence that contradict such a claim that we Black people take pride in our oppression.

Beloved, when is the last Time you have been qualified to Divinely See our Black Selves in the world of evil today, are you aware that we Black People can not See what we do not Know about, which is our Black Selves ? so we end up looking at our Black Selves through the Sense of Perception, a vision that is capable of presenting to you an illusion of what we label as Realness, causing us to believe that Black People are Well off in the World, causing us to be satisfied in our state of Life oppression ?

Why is it that you do not witness a great resentment in the way the so call Afrikan Human Being conduct our attitude and behavior toward each other ? why do you witness the attitude and behavior of the so call Afrikan Human Being contentment over what is going on in Dafur, Somalia, the Congo and all over that place that is now referred to as Afrika ?

Beloved, is it not a fact that the Evil that Flow throughout that place referred to as Afrika, such is taking place within an alien social structure that we so call Afrikans refer to as Tribalism, yet we so call Afrikans Human Beings that is practicing Tribalism, we can not Reason Divinely, in order to See that Tribalism is an act of social behavior that verify that we take Pride in our Oppression.

Yes, Yes, Afrikan Tribalism is a birth from the Action of our fall, which occured when we fell from our State of Divinity, which put into motion our Migration away from the Center of our Divine Cultural Living in an Environment of Divine Beings Unity.

Beloved, Tribalism as practiced in that so call place Afrika, serve as the So cal Structural catalyst that started and now continue the Divisive Destruction of a once Unitary Divine Family, Living among Divine Beings in a Land now referred to as Afrika, a Land that now has been split asunder, an act responsible by those that have never had any respect for your Black Body Self since they stole our identy, as we so call Tribal Afrikan Human Beings now take pride in a Social Structure that maintain our oppression in the World, both Worlds, the Black World and the outer Human Being World, they that gave cause for your Tribal so call Family identity.

There were only One Divine Being that occupied this Planet and One Black Family and they were the Wisdom of that Divine Black World, because Evil had not yet come to cause it to Fester within the Life Living of the Divine Beings, and yes Beloved, such Divinity was in fact the Child of the Universe, so there was no Evil present within the House of Divinity, because in Divinity, Evil is not present nor is it recognized, and it take a Divine Mind to Know and Understand such a Divine Truth and Reality.

So, our Divine Cosmic Black Divine First Way Ancestors did bot Error in not being qualified in recognizing Evil as they Approached Them, but the Moment Evil struck, the DIVINE MIND BECAME AWARE OF THE DECEIT AND LYING THAT WAS INNATELY A ACTION OF THE HUMAN BEING MIND and the fall of the Black World continue unto this day, because we Afrikan Human Beings take pride in our oppression.

Beloved, it was the coming of the Human Being Mind that caused the creation of the Afrikan Human Being Social Stratum of Tribalism, in that place referred to as Afrika, and such a Stratification of a Once Unified Chastely Divine Being, is now what cause the Afrikan Human Beings, wherever we are on this Planet, to be of Pride in the wake of our oppression in the world today.

Beloved, Unless those once Divine Beings Unite, that place we refer to as Afrika will be known as is, no more as it use to be and those Brand New Tribal Afrikan Human Beings will serve to be the cause of our own Self Destruction, as we take pride in our oppression and Afrikan Tribalism is an oppressive state of the Human Being Mind.

Beloved, I mean no so call Afrikan, Disrespect, only a desire that the Divine Black Being rise back to having respect for our Black Selves, which will give us the Divine Pride that is common to Black People, not until then, Will we rise up as a Unified Nation, rebuking all that disrespect the Black World, using any and all means to gain our pride back, and it is only Unity that will cause such a Divine Respectable Black Nation to become as Original as we originally were on this Planet, with Black People taking no pride in being anything less than being Divine, concerning our Black once Divine Being self..

It is the Fool that say that the Shadowy Divine Being has never lived a Divine Life upon this Planet and such a foolish statement only verify why it is that we take pride in our Earthly oppression, serving the God of our Oppressors, never to know the Theology that Flow from a Divine Mind, as many of us Jockey to defend the oppressors Religion, calling it our own, and do take pride in worshiping a False God, created by a self confessed Liar and Deceiver, they being the people confessing to be Human Beings, a self identity of a strange oppressing Lying Deceiving Being, whose ethnicity is many, even now to include the once Divine Being, now identifying ourselves as Afrikan Human Beings, wrapped in the Mentality that now cause us to be Liars and Deceivers, as we proudly impersonate the attitude and Behavior of those with a History of invading our Land and conquering our Land and Mind, Enslaving us Black People causing us Black People to believe that we are no more than that Lying Human Being has so described and caused us to be, as they wear their History of Colonizing Black People as well.

Yet today, we Afrikan Human Beings take pride in our oppression, as the Religion teach us to shout from the roof top, how much we love those that have oppressed us and still do today.

Only a Afrikan Human Being, foolish people we have become and religious fanatics we are today, can confess to Love a people that refuse to acknowledge the Evil they have done to our Enslaved Ancestors, thus unto their Children and the Black World in general, refusing to pay Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, for the crime they committed against the gods of the Universe and the sad and pitiful part about it is, that we now have the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings, opposing our Enslaved Ancestors be paid Reparation, as they take pleasure in our oppression, a state of the Human Being Mind that will prevent us from Fighting for our Independence and the Divine Right to enjoy the Sovereign of our Black Life, the work of a controlled religious Human Being Mind.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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