Chief Elder Osiris : Why Is It That Black People Equate Blackness with Evil?

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    Why Is It That Black People Equate Blackness with Evil?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There is nothing more telling about Black People, which verify that we have a Hateful disrespectful belief ( and I use belief because it come without Thinking) about Ourselves, which is verified when we hear Black People taking their Que from those people with a history of lying to and deceiving Black People, every time we equate the Shade Black to any and everything that is depressingly. Evil, and or cause hardship to come to the lives of Black People, we reveal just how low that we have fallen from the Divine Knowledge of Self..

    The Human Beings on this planet did so, and most certainly not our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors did not come up with all of the Axioms and phrases that imply that all that can be what we call wrong, and come to be unacceptable to our lives, which will prevent the Greater Good from coming to the lives of People, such is labeled to be a Black event of happening, and/ or a Black Time in the lives of so call ordinary Caucasian Human Beings.

    Beloved,when things do not go the way you want them to go, then you are having the experience of Dark Days and Dark Times as the saying goes and such action is said to be counter productive in causing your Life to experience the Greater Good in Life, then the Human Being says that those are Dark Times upon them.

    You know what I am sharing with you is Divinely True concerning how the Term Black is used to indicate and to imply the unproductive Times that your life is experiencing, so yes, any and everything that represent hard Times, those are Dark Times and everything that is associated with Blackness, it is to be repudiated, to be avoided, to mean Bad so call Luck, and to indicate acts of so call Evil, in other words, the Human Beings have trained the Mind of the believers to believe that there is not anything of a Greater Good to come from Blackness.

    So, low and behold, here we come, displaying all of our Blackness, it being in term of a Shade without the illuminating colors, we regurgitating the exact same thing that the Human Beings have so established about the Colorless Shade we commonly refer to, today, as being Black, and it representing the lowest of an expressing spirit in anything that come to cause action that we deplore and serve to be a detriment to our lives.

    There is no wonder why it is that Black People are in our state of condition in the World today, it is because we Black People have reduced ourselves to allow the Human Being to define everything that is about us, and when you find a people who would allow such an act to take an effect upon them, so much so, to the point that is the way we end up defining and describing ourselves, then there is no wonder why it is that we get no respect, not from anybody, not even among ourselves, as we make fun about our Blackness and label it to represent the cruelty of Evil Spirit to be acted out in the world.

    We even have some Ignorant Intelligent Black so call Afrikans, running around stating that there is nothing so special about being Black, and when you hear such a statement coming from a colorless Human Being, then know, that Black Transformed Afrikan to become a Human Being, do not know the worth of the Melanin that we carry, or what it signifies about our Ignorant Intelligent Selves.

    Yet, some of us have the audacity to show offense when being labeled correctly, while it never enter the Mind of the Black Human Being to change the Spirit being expressed that give justification for the correct labeling of Black People who are acting Ignorantly Intelligent or just out right Foolish, when showing a lack of self respect by attempting to demean our Blackness.

    Beloved, do you not know that the Space without Light, that which we refer to as Darkness, Blackness, and Night Time, do you not know that all of that Black Space is the epitome of Eternal Infinity and serve as the Divine Essence Womb from which all and Everything come forth from, and are you aware that the Blackness of Space is all Divine Energy, it being there by and from the presence of the Divine Essence, that which cause Eternity and Infinity to be the Blackness of Space Divine attributes?

    Yet we have the foolish Ignorant Intelligent so call Afrikan Human Beings, we making reference to the Black Cat, claiming it to be a sign of Bad Luck and Evil Spirit.

    Beloved, All Light Is Subordinate To That which is without Light, White does not Trump Black, one is Divinely Eternally Infinite and the other is Finitely False, one remain in a state in Eternal Existence, while the other eventually fade away, color has no illumination without the presence of colorlessness, it being Shade without Color, which we refer to as being Black, which is the Garment of Infinity, Space without Light, yet Light and color gets it presence from the Eternal Infinite Universe, which is Black, provided by its Divine Essence Existence.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So stop Demeaning your Soul, which is your Blackness, and Black is Divine Energy, and get up off of your Black Behind and go into action to Liberate the Black Body Life of You, and Give Afrika Back Her Divine Identity again.

    Today, the Battle Cry coming From Black People should not be about Change, it Must be about our Liberation, because to survive and to remain a foolish ignorant intelligent Afrikan Human Being, serve not to the Sovereignty And Dignity Of our Life, but to the captivity and ignorance of our Lives, so not until Black People come to know the Divine Meaning of our Black selves, will we come to know the importance of there becoming once again, a Divine United Black Nation, which in term will have Afrika to become Afrika again and if such happen not to be Black People Goal, then what are you complaining and begging for, and to Whom do you beg and strive to please, because it most certainly is not your Black Selves, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.
    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]