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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Have you ever taken a very objective view of Black People attitude and behavior, no, I mean a serious view without an attempt to support or condemn what you are observing, because if you have, then you will be those that will understand what I am about to share with you and if you have not, then it will be difficult for you to understand, because you will no doubt see yourself in the mix of what I am going to share with you and as always you will take it personal, a habit that prevent Black people from getting up off of their knees and begin to realize that we must become more than theoretical believers about the cause of our problem and become practical and pragmatic Black People, that is if we so desire to ever experience the breeze of Freedom, Independence, Peace, Justice, and Joy in our BLack Life again.

    I say again because, yes, Black people did in fact at one Time on this Planet enjoyed those principles of Life action, so to me that says we can have such a Life once again, but not until we become knowledgeable of what it is we must do to be able to experience such a Divine Life, you see the Human Being dominate and dictate the condition of the Black Life because he has maneuvered themselves into a position of our Black Lives which we have allowed them to do and now we do not remember not one thing our First Way Ancestors, they who have taught us about our Black Lives and such a loss of memory come because we no longer function in our Divine Mind, the Mind our First way Ancestors instilled within us by giving us Divine information to know and understand,

    When you do not know or have been made to be not concerned about what and who cause the Black Life to be in its present condition and we now spend Time trying to find a corner of approval in it, then beloved it serve to be evidence that the Black Life is in deep trouble because by being under the direction of such a mind that will prompt you to settle for the lowest of life comfort and you speak out with approval of such profane living, in comparison to what Life condition you started out with and in, on this planet, such an attitude and behavior that we take in that manner, only verify we no longer are Divine Black Beings and have been prompt to acquire an identity that is not common and Natural to us, as we now refer to ourselves as Afrikan Human Beings with proud and no Thought.

    If a Nation refuse to recognize the Cause of its affliction, then there will be no interest in seeking and recognizing the solution to the Cause that is serving to be the problem that is preventing Black people from recognizing ourselves, and you know the sad part about our Profane attitude and Behavior, we despise the Divine Truth, and those that come to share it with you, because you now function in a Mind that tell you all of the Lies you have been conditioned to receive and accept as Truth, not Knowing that there is a difference in the Divine Truth that we were trained to respect than in the Profane Truth that the Human Being has conditioned us to accept and respect and we do so because we no longer operate in our DEivine Mind, the Mind we Need in order to know and understand the Divine Truth and only then will we become motivated to get up and get about the action of reclaiming Afrika and Uniting the Black World and leave all of the oppressive Human Being belief alone.

    We are now believing all the Human Being has to do is open the door of opportunity to us and we will get it ourselves, nothing is given without the giver receiving something in return and when the giver is the Human Being, the result is that Black people condition remain the same, because the Human Being is the Cause of the Black world fall.

    You know, you have some Afrikan americans Human Beings who think that they be really sounding intelligent when they tell Black People that we no longer are being prevented from experiencing the Greater Good in Life and proceed to cause Black People to believe that we are now guilty for our wretched condition we now find ourselves in, they tell us the way to a grander life is for us to not look upon the Human Being with disfavor for what they have done to us, hell, let by gone be by gone, but they are only telling that foolishness to the Victims of Black Folks and not to the perpetrator of the Crime, they get you to believe that you do not need to separate yourself from Evil, you can live in its midst without remaining tainted by such evil.

    Beloved, this america environment is controlled by those that have caused the Black world condition and except you separate from such a Disease causing Virus, we will remain the believers that we are and I am here to share with you that only a Thinking Mind is qualified to eliminate the Cause of the Black World affliction, something we Black People have not done in a long time, allowing our Human Being Mind allow us to become irrational Emotional about The Human Being and their stolen america.

    Not until the Black World is qualified to See that the Human Being Religion is the Cause for the way we now believe, act and behave, we will remain knocked down and kept away from our Divine Throne ( Knowledge ) and is always being prevented from reclaiming our Divine Mind and the Human Being use their Afrikan Human Being agents to continue to feed you the mental diet only a Believing Human Being Afrikan convert, can mentally digest, causing the Black World to remain paralyze from dealing with the Cause that now have the Black world deaf, Ignorant and incapable of recognizing the Cause that now misguide the Black world, as we Afrikan americans strive to obtain a piece of the america pie, regardless of its size and to whom they choose to serve it to, causing Afrikan americans to serve as the donkey attempting to catch the carrot attached to its Human Being Mind, how sad and nonthinking the Black World has become.

    There is no Black Life to experience the Greater Good thereof in america, the Human Being can not allow such to happen without the lost of their control over the Black Life, so as long as we remain in the Diaspora america, it serve to show that we rather ignore the Cause of our oppression in this world, and america is the leading slave master over the Life of Black People.

    Go Home Black Woman And Man, Back To Afrika Where You Belong, With Your Reparation In Hand And The Next State To rise, And get About The Business Of Saving Afrika And The Black World, And By Mere Fact You Will Be Back Home Enmass, Will Be The Sign That We Have Reclaimed Our Divine Mind.

    You May Take It Or Leave It alone, The Divine Truth Remain as It Is.

    Here Is Loving ( Thinking Of ) You


    Chief Elder
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    Beloved Honorable Chief Osiris::bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    As I read your missive, I am reminded of Honorable Keita's:bowdown: missive below.

    Our people really don't want the answer to this question or the levels to which it must be addressed. The dynamics of this question have different meanings for the different groups among us. Those who want to go back have their answer. Those who want to stay here have their version. Those who can and can not go back have their version. If we are to be realistic and totally realistic about this, we have a HERE AND NOW to deal with because it is THE HERE AND NOW that our children and people are dying from....and we do not want the answer to what must be done. Why? Because if we realistically deal with this question, then the answer is not pretty!!

    It does not matter if white people or our own people deal with the's not going to be pretty at all!!! All this mental masturbation concerning the death among our people, who is doing it and how to stop it has to end with our being realistic in terms of what the answer is.

    IF anyone here thinks that they are going to stop the gangs, stop our youth from making bookoo money off of crack, coke and diesel or stop the killings of our people with community programs, more jobs or better education, then clearly those of us who think this way are far from being realistic in terms of what the answer is!!!

    If the body is going to heal the poison has to first be extracted so it can heal. That is common sense! The problem is that the poison has been running through the body for so long that it is well embedded and that means that some serious surgery has to happen!!! Not only do we not want to admit that, but we don't want to be the surgeons and white people don't want to be it either because they are making too much money off of the sickness that has invaded the body of our people....of course I'm sure that everyone knows that when I say the body that I'm really speaking about the communities of our people.

    Even Garvey would have to admit the reality of what I've said and as such he would have to reach the only realistic conclusion which I have not mentioned here....but those of us who understand what I've said already know exactly what it is that I'm saying! ENOUGH SAID !!!!

    :qqb018: :qqb018: :qqb018:
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    A letter to Chief Elder from his daughter

    Chief Elder there are too many of them, too many of black people that has metamorphasized into human beings. My prediction is it ain't gonna happen.

    Don't mention Africa they have become real savages, worse than the ones in the Tarzan movies killing up each other by the millions. Black people look at their materieal possessions and being able to obtain the basic neccessaties to live as accomplishments. They look at the less fortunate and say how blessed I am. They look at the Africans over their and say how double, trippled blessed I am and thankful. They are not about the business of elevating themselves individually so they are certainly not interested in elevating Africa.

    They have been thoroughly contaminated with the human being virus of individual limitation. So I feel our the only hope we have is to start with the children when they are young enough to not to contaminate them as we have been. As it is now the biggest injustice that we are doing is to our children, knowing that you are limited because of your contamination you should offer your children over to the divine teachings so that there can be hope for the black world other than that save yourself.

    Yes, I said it save yourself father because you have dedicated your life to black people, showing them and telling them the truth and look at them they hollar as if you're telling them to follow your truth, your way. They don't, can't and never will see that the truth you are telling them are the same truth the sun, wind, seasons go by it's not yours, dad they will never see that because they have no connection nor desire one.

    If I had my way I would rather you go on a retreat some piece of earth with a handful of like minded people, eager students, children and start breeding our hope, our freedom and future for the black world. I'm getting to the point where my own people makes me sick. All black Nations that exist with the human mind are corrupted and killing each other and we just sit there and watch. We don't have an ounce of love for eachother the kind that's needed to bring about change.

    Please, keep teaching but dedicating your life to awakening these zombies uh uh. I know that I am not the one to tell you when enough is enough but I just hope that divine information comes to you soon. We need more action, some programs, schools, community meetings about getting the divine teachings out, but we must find the teachers to teach. I can only think of a few but we need much much more in order to be effective. I know our divine ancestors are with you father and those that travel the path of divinity and it is to them I will mentatate to set the course a favorable one for you while you're on this earthly plane, for you to start enjoying the greater good while here with us and not just the burden of your plight.

    Here is Loving you

    goddess Kalifa
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    Beloved Queen goddess :thinking:sister Kalifa:
    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
    I humble :qqb018: myself in the presence of the Truth and reality in you.

    QG Kalifa: If I had my way I would rather you go on a retreat some piece of earth with a handful of like minded people, eager students, children and start breeding our hope, our freedom. I'm getting to the point where my own people makes me sick. All black Nations that exist with the human mind are corrupted and killing each other and we just sit there and watch. We don't have an ounce of love for eachother the kind that's needed to bring about change.


    I heard some people who looked at people in a negative way, those who seek out psychiatric/therapist treatment.

    These people who seek help know that there is an imbalance in their lives.

    So who is more sicker? The one who seek the professional Medical Service or the one who knows they are sick and seek not?

    The EGO will fool us into Believing (Ego based) that there is nothing wrong with us, and therefore, we go along being as the Platters Song Says: Oh yes, I Am a great Pretender.

    Pretending that we are well in Hell. It is a Hell mind-set to pretend.

    When the Catalyst/Surgeon of Divine Truth and reality comes along to operate on us and we refuse the Surgeon of Truth and reality, we will continue to DIE HARD.

    May the Hurricanes, Tornados, Twisters, Tsunami, Blizzards, Storms of Truth and Reality, the Wake Up call we need, soon come.

    Here is loving you/Afrika

    :SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030: