Chief Elder Osiris : Why Is It so Hard To Be Divinely Black ?

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    Why Is It so Hard To Be Divinely Black ?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Tell me beloved, why is it so hard, so difficult to be Black without conditions or having a pre-establish standard that define being Black and those standards have nothing to do with Black people being the originators of.

    Being divinely black is to be in Harmony with yourself and it is that Harmony that permit you to be as Black as the Perfect night, taking no one else into consideration to influence your Black Life, but then, that is very hard to do, being Black that is, because today, being Black has been labeled to be anti-social, anti society and Racist to boot, as we use to say, which mean to the core, to the extreme and the highest act of nonacceptance by all those that are not black, and it now has grown to include those that are shamefully Black, living in a state of denial, as to whom we Black Folks are.

    Today, it is very difficult for Black People to be Black, because most Black people do not know what it mean to be Black, which just serve as proof as to how much value that have been taken away from being Black and the taking away was not done by Black people, because it has been Millenniums since we have known the value of our Blackness, meaning knowing how to be Black.

    What make it so hard and difficult for Black Folks to be Divinely Black, is the opposite of your Blackness, Religion, as I have said, everything the New Negro now believe and do, such is predicated upon the Human Being Religion and it is Religion that control the State of which you are govern by.

    Forget about the lie that say there being a separation between Church and State, when it was the Church that dictated the State, the state being the Government and the Government being the people.

    Now here we use to be Black people are, we done lost our balance between Self and God and we now being propped up by a Religion that condition you to believe that there is no Difference in your Shadow and those other people of Color, a color spectrum that stretches from one extreme to the other extreme that cause an illusion of color, which is referred to as White, is that your Blackness that is lack of color, stretch into infinity and is the Divine Coat that is the shadow of your Soul, ( Energy ) yet Black folks find it necessary to honor and worship everybody else with the exception of our Black selves, because based on our religious up bringing, such has given us cause for it to be hard to be Black, in a so call White Colorful profane religious world.

    The way Black folks are believing today, we will never be free again, all because the Human Being Religion has made it hard and difficult to be Black and Self Respectful, not to mention, independent and Blackfully Sovereign, meaning not under the influence and persuasion of the colorfully illusion of white people, those people we believe we must Love and befriend as we spite our Blackness, an act of devaluing our Blackness.

    There is nothing Black People can do today, that will be of their own group initiative, because today, it is hard and very difficult to be Black and Self Respectful.

    Black Folks are now beginning to say we do not need leadership, don't youknow the reason why Blackpeople are in the condition we are in today is because we do not have leadership, do you not know that leadership is as the Planets are in need of the Stars for leadership and guidance, how foolish have we Black People become, under our hardship of being Black.

    Everything Black People do and believe, it has to be centered on and around the Religion and instruction coming from our New Mind, which we have sworn to submit to and obey, even if it kill us, which is what it is doing to the Black World as I speak and Write.

    Why is it so hard to be Black, because being colorful and white is our desire, because being Black mean not to be colorful and white, meaning that in our Divine Mind we do not need Religion to guide us, just our Divine Mind, a Mind of Divine Intelligence that produce an attitude and behavior that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Soul of the Black Being, and when those two Functions are in a constant dynamic relationship of an Energetic Action, there is made manifest an attitude and behavior that reveal a action of Spirit that guide the Body senses to be in Harmony with the thoughts of the Divine Mind, and when such action of the Body self is in Harmony, Order, and Balance, then that is what being Black is all about, but such Divineness must be in such an environment that only such Divine Unity of Soul, Body, Mind, and Spirit can produce, and as the Black situation is today, such is why it is so hard to be Black, because of the environment we are a victim of and played no part in creating nor do we control.

    To be Black is to have only Afrika and the Black Afrikan in Mind and that Mind must be Divine in all of its action and when such is the case, Afrika and the Black Afrikan will be as One and evil is not accepted and the Divine Mind is not preoccupied with such profaneness of religious doctrine that lie to you when teaching you that Black people must Love everybody and strive to have everybody as your Friend, regardless of the consequence surrounding those you now feel compelled to befriend.

    The reason why it is so hard and difficult to be Black, is because it require that you Think Black and to Think Black is to know the value of your Blackness and how can you know such Divine information, when you no longer are in possession of your Divine Mind, meaning everything not Divine become appealing to the New Black Human Being Mind and it is that Mind that have you despising Afrika and your Black Afrikan self, so it is no wonder Black people can not hold a Divine Thought, because such thoughts reveal the Divine Truth and Reality about the Perfect Night and it is all of that Blackness that is the Divine expression of its Shadowy Essence, the God of all and everything that is and is to come.

    Yet to the people of the Perfect Night, it has become so hard and difficult to be Black and the Black World suffer from such Weakness that is now of the Black World, as we worship the False God of the Human Being in a state of ignorance of our Black selves.

    The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth and Lo and Behold The Condition Of The Black World.

    Here Is Loving You
    Chief Elder
    [email protected]