Black Poetry : ~~Why Is It Always SEX with You?~~

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    All I wanted him to do was to hold me in his arm
    and make me feel like he could protect me from danger, hurt and harm
    I told him .." let me stare into your eyes until i became one with you"
    he look at me like that was hard for him to do
    but got mad when I ask
    Why is it always sex with you?

    He come home from work feeling tierd and stress
    I can't even draw his bath without him stressin'me for sex
    I keep tellin' him I want not only my body but
    my mind to flex

    If I ask u want a peice of chicken? he says baby give me the breast
    If I ask u wanna peice of pie..he says only if i can lick some and eat the rest
    If I ask him u want a drink...he says only if i can sip from your cup
    I try not curse , but i be like what the ****?!!!
    Then he'll decide to go look at some off the wall porno flick
    Then be like "baby will come and Rub my d*ck
    I'm like Boy u betta buy yourself a clue, all I wanna know
    why is it always sex with you?

    So just for the heck of it ,I went to the doctor to see
    if he could take my vagina and transform it into a wee wee
    My man didn't even notice until that dreadful night
    when he ask me for sex and I said alright
    He was like "baby I can't believe u didn't say no".
    Without further hesitation DUM DUM went with the flow

    I watched him as he slowly caressed my breast
    tellin' me how good I was and that i was the best
    Then he licked me down softly all the way to my navel
    he slowly gazed into my eyes and ask, are u willin?'
    I smile said "i'm able...
    So without even thinking he unzipped my pants but much to his surprise
    O'le boy found out that he wasn't the only whose nature rised

    I never seen my man jumped off me so quick
    with a lil' scarcasim I ask u sure u don't wanna lick?
    hell no!!! he said loud and bold
    I was like was wrong baby? u just struck gold!!
    Then right before my eyes my man had a heartattack
    the ish was so funny I couldn't react
    But fortunately it was only a false alarm
    when he came to, I was singing a song
    You know that joint
    I don't see nothing wrong with a lil bump and grind
    My man thought he was gone outta of his mind

    What is going on?" is what he said..this can't be happening
    I rather be dead!
    NO! he yelled. this can't be true!!!
    So i woke him up and said "baby what's wrong with you?
    He looked at me and said if only u knew
    So i was like what?don't tell me, u wanna do the do?
    He looked at me strange and said.. "why is it always sex with u?

    so my plan had work and i was now ready
    that when i didn't want to have sex to serve him some my homemade spaghetti

    ~Somebody should have told him~

    so the next day without fail he said he wanted to do the do
    I didn't even bother to ask why is it always sex with you?
    I fixed him a plate and pile it with spaghetti
    He was like bring me my dinner i told u i'm ready
    He handed me some of his wine cooler and I began to drink
    he then took my spaghetti and poured it in the sink

    "You thought u were smart" he said.. and had me going
    now for sex u will be longing
    so with a smile on his face he said we're now even
    b/c what u drunk was not wine cooler but my semen

    So now when i'm ready to do the do
    I won't have to hear that annoying question
    Why is always sex with you?

    ~Somebody should have told ya~
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    the near north
    OOHHH. NOW, THAT'S A SCARY THOUGHT. interesting the way you laid it.

    let the river flow.


    "why is it always sex with you?"
    you ask the question that many women do
    but if he wasn't interested you'd wish he was
    or frustration would set in...and you'd be like aahhhh...
    "my pool has dried to a neat little puddle
    i struggle
    legs tight
    around my pillow...i cuddle"
    don't beg for neglect...if it's not what you want
    yes, NEGLECT...that's what i said
    trying to get it on your own
    a nimble finger or two
    just keep asking
    "why is it always sex with you?"

    my desire for sex is very strong
    i'm always thinking of getting it on
    each night when i see the lush beauty of you
    my hormones heart pounds, too

    my johnson stands just the sight of you

    it's not for another that junior stands tall
    but you, my wife, who promised me your all
    and ALL includes sex...between you and me
    or, are you saying it's o'kay for me to see
    some pretty young handle my needs
    be the wife you promised you'd be
    and not just another obnoxious tease.

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    O'**** !!!!
    now dat is some spooky stuff
    y'all playin da sex kinda ruff
    now i know why it's alwayz sex wit u
    and da twisted thang of doing da do
    i'm in a hush!
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    With the thunder gods
    Twisted thats all I can say....
    o yea ... flow on
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    Reside in Vegas...born n' raised in Detroit
    ****, talk about givin somebody something to think about

    *lookin down at my cup of milk*


    nice flow...