Black Ancestors : Why is Dr. Sebi under attack so much recently?


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Apr 5, 2017
I've always liked the lifestyle Dr. Sebi taught and I definitely base my diet on his teachings. I feel better and healthier than I did before I found out about his diet. I've used his supplements in the past and enjoyed their effects. I bought some bio ferro capsules a few weeks ago and they have given me more focus. But, I have been seeing so many crazy people coming out of the woodwork attacking him after his death. I saw a crazy vide of a guy who burned his head with Dr. Sebi stuff and people went crazy about it. But then I saw this video and knowing Dr. Sebi's past I have learned not to trust anything on the surface.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

Jan 22, 2001
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:hello: CellfoodLife ... Welcome Welcome Welcome ... :wave:

Thanks for joining us and sharing.

This is a sensitive topic here at

I don't believe it particularly, has ever come up here, but the gist is quite familiar.

Talking negatively about Ancestors is not allowed here ... and this is on the edge, already.

If you have had a good experience, then share that ... lift up your experience.

You don't have to make someone else's experience an untruth ... it could be true.

Our Ancestor has passed and cannot defend himself, his products, none of it.

If you're afraid to continue using them, in spite of your positive results, then stop.

Yeah ... this is not the place to talk negatively about our Ancestors.

Fortunately though ... there are like a gazillion places that welcome such talk.

I am going to leave the thread open but i hope everyone remembers where they are.

I am sure we can have the discussion respectfully ... but it will be a challenge.

I have moved this thread to our ... Honoring Black Ancestors Forum.

Thanks for joining and sharing ... truly ... you probably did not know i had Ancestor issues ... :wink:

Make yourself at home!

Much Love and Peace.



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