Black Spirituality Religion : Why in the world did slaves believe in the christian god?

Is there proof that the "slaves" actually "believed" in the "christian god"?

Who is this "christian god" and what is his name?

Where was this "christian god" worshipped?

Did these slaves willingly submit to this "christian god" or were they forced to submit to him?

In Brazil, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, and Louisiana this "christian god" was worshipped by name different names and in different forms than that practiced in most white christian nationalist church communities. These syncratic forms are also perhaps the only forms which were/are closer to ATR systems than the white christian/Freemasonic societies masking as "Christianity".

Many "free blacks" in the united states developed independent churches and many of these early black ministers were freemasons such as Prince Hall who was a Methodist, and when other blacks emerged out of slavery and joined these congregations they adopted a form of worship similar to white christian nationalists but did they really believe in the same "christian god"?

I don't think so which is why many such as Prince Hall advocated repatriation "back to Africa".


In the recent book on a Black African girl enslaved in Canada, it was a Black African man, that tortured and killed her for the white slave masters.

In most cases, as modern films will show, most of the torturning of black women, men, and children were done by Black African men.

Even in the African continent, white slave catchers relied upon other Black African men to catch other Black African, men, women, and children, torture them, brand them and etc. and force them on the slave ships.

for this reason, we need to look at the whole process in how my african slave descendants viewed other Blacks that became apart of this hate process...and the disrespect of others. Who knows what went through the mind of Black African women when they were beign tortured by Black men, their own mankind of whom were suppose to protect them, but were now doing the whites dirty work.
Just for the record, I responded to a thread in which someone presented "you Black Christians..."

I rebutted to that comment, and if you Black pagans don't like to be rebutted then, why do you always start threads about us Black Christians?

I don't spend my time doing that to you about your religion or way of life. in regards to that stuff you wrote about holidays, that is not in the Bible.

I know this post was to info-moetry if I spelled it right but what amazes me is how we are constantly being called out of our names by Christians but we call them by what they like to be identified as.

I've never once heard anyone in this thread say they follow a religion called Pagan, yet we are referred to as Pagans. What is up with that? Pagans are referred to as heathens in the bible so to be called a Pagan is to be called a heathen which is a derogatory word being used to identify with us. Isn't this a little one sided? How can you guys get away with this madness? I'm not talking about on this site - I'm speaking in general? If we say the name 'Christian' wrong we are basically stoned.

Nevertheless - I need to know why are we identified as Pagans & we are not Pagan followers?

Secondly, Doesn't the bible call Christians Pagans in the Old Testament?

Jeremiah 10:
2 thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

[Christ]mas is the [Christ]ians most revered holy day. This is the day that cut the tree down and lace it with silver and gold and many other trinkets. This is an ancient Heathen ritual and Christians still do it. So again why are we called Pagans/Heathens when Christians celebrate nothing but so-called Pagan rites?

So here's the issue:

Not one Christian on here need to refer to anyone as Pagan unless they are speaking to themselves according to what THEIR bible describes as a pagan. If a Christian want to be called a Christian then they got it but they need to show the same respect and identify each of us as we choose to be identified without the derogatory name calling such as Pagan/Heathen - the customs to which they aka Christians follow. That's like an obese brotha calling a skinny dude fat ... the description doesn't fit - but sadly it would fit the obese brutha if the skinny dude was doing the talking. Well consider me the skinny dude - I don't want to make you looking into the mirror so that you can see you for what and who you really are - I just don't want you to call me fat/Pagan anymore because that's not who I am.

Now the question is - who is the real name callers in general? Or is it socially acceptable just like the n word because people have become used to saying it?

Peace and Blessings

I don't get it. They're feed this story about an all-loving god who loves and protects them yet everyday they live their lives in fear of being beaten, raped or killed. They believe that praying and having faith will get them through it yet generations of them live and die in agony and fear. It's truly inconceivable to me.

I didn't want to talk about this because I know a lot of people here are christian and have strong feelings about their religion but I was just watching a program about segregation and I found some of the imagery and words too much to bare. I had to keep looking away and turning the channel until I just turned the TV off. I can't imagine how slavery was compared to this. I can't see why anyone back then or now would still believe that an all-loving god is looking over them.

Another thing is how some black activist talk about how god will help them against the white supremacists yet it was the white supremacist who taught (or maybe even forced) the idea of god upon them in the first place. Someone please explain to me how any of this makes sense. If someone were beating you up badly and kept talking about a righteous being that can "save" you, would you have strong faith that this righteous being that your attacker is talking about will help save you from that person? All the while the attacker is saying that he is also in the being's good grace?

Slaves believed because those with understanding knew their situation for what it was, and didn't bother regarding how they were lied to by slave masters that they were automatically in the Father's graces because they were white.

Being protected doesn't always go for the carnal body, as they knew for fact to have faith would mean persecution to themselves, which would indeed bring harm to the body. Being loved doesn't mean you are automatically out of slavery; there are appointed times for matters and be it far from men to decide that time.

Were they all destroyed? I mean, every last one? No, because many of us wouldn't be here had they been destroyed completely. Why can't the grace of the Father be seen then? Because surely, if He wanted, He could have allowed for them all to be destroyed without a remnant, but I'm certain many prayed to have a remnant on the earth (since none want their lineage wiped totally out), that these generations my know freedom and know the Father also. He's granted them that, since we are here.

Many slaves knew, with all the harshness of a life so short, even if lived to 150, the rewards of being faithful to their true Master would outweigh all the suffering they dealt with at the hands of men.

And it doesn't matter that the people who put them in bonds told them of the Scriptures, that doesn't mean they should have discarded it because the Holy Word came to them by way of someone that hated them or owned them; because if they weren't telling them rightly, once the true Word is understood, you know you have the real truth by your side, and would then understand the person who told you of Scriptures is certainly still lost. But if told rightly, then there wouldn't be any animosity between the slave and the white person. So, having truth from it all, why does it matter that it came from someone who oppressed? Truth is still truth, and shouldn't be thrown away in any case.


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