Chief Elder Osiris : Why In Hell Is There No Desire For Justice Among Black People ?

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    Why In Hell Is There No Desire For Justice Among Black People ?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    JUSTICE- Justice Is Compromised Freedom. ( Osiris )

    Have you ever witness a people as controlled by other people than those people who are going around confessing to be Black Afrikan People, some claim to be Black Afrikan American , Black American, and some Afrikan American, and some of us who are in a place call Afrika, identifying ourselves by the parcel of Land we have accepted to be that land given name?

    The land area that has has been divided and used for purpose of Tribal geographical identity and not Afrika, and yet those Divided parcel of land happen to be a part of the Land mass of this planet and that part is identified as Afrika, and because of the fact that Black people are of a greater concentration there in that Land and we did began our migration from that land to other parts of this planet land, the Human Being took it upon themselves when they were in the act of rearranging and identifying everything on this Space Rock Ship call Planet Earth, and that area on this Space Rock where all of those Black People are, came to be referred to as Afrika, as so identified by the Human Being.

    So Afrika became Black People identity and we came to be referred to as Black Afrikan People by the Human Being, as we adopted our identity coming from those people with a history of abusing, lying to, and deceiving a people who no longer know thyself..

    Here is a people without knowledge of themselves and we have allowed ourselves to become treated as other people property, but yet has the audacity to make claim about ourselves to be intelligent people, but is without the self respect that would qualify such intelligence, because such a people who show no desire for their lives to be entitle to experience Justice in the course of their Body Life Living, is a people who deserve no Justice nor respect .

    So the question is a valid one, why in hell is there no desire for justice among Black People, why do we Black People opt for a display showing of arrogance, every time confronted with the Divine Truth about ourselves, it is as if Black People have settle to believe that our lives present status and living condition in the world today, is God Sent, and the burden fall upon Black People to prove ourselves worthy of having Justice rendered to our Body Life, in order for us to live in the presence of Respect and Freedom in this life Time.

    Justice with respect will never be allowed to enter the lives of Black people, not as long as Reparation remain to be an orphan from the Mind of Black People and as long as Reparation is treated without respect by Black People, no matter how loud Black people claim their want for Justice, there will not be a demonstration of need for Justice by Black People, and where there is no Justice for Black People, there is no self respect coming from Black People and Black People without Justice and Self Respect, is a people who are an enemy to Reparation, and to be an Enemy to Reparation, it make you to be an enemy to our Enslaved Black Ancestors, they who were kidnapped out from the land call Afrika, the original Earthly Home of Black People.

    A people lives that have been cheated from experiencing Justice and Respect for self, and such a people find Time to praise the very people responsible for being so dishonest in their action toward Black People and they serve to be a thief of Black People Mind, having Black People running around making claim that Black people have a responsibility to reconcile with those very people who until this day have yet to show compassion and sorrow to Black People for the way that they have conducted themselves in the presence of Black People who have been cheated from experiencing Justice and Respect in their lives, and yet Black People find Time to praise the very people responsible for being such a thief of Black People mind, yesterday and today.

    So what is it that serve to be a sign of Justice and respect coming to the lives of Black people, is it the gift of Obama that has been given by the forces of lies and deception, to America and not to Black People, is that what give cause for Black People to show no desire for Justice and Self Respect, for ourselves?

    Tell me, is Obama compensation enough to cause the Black World to love our oppressors and to forget the tragedy of our Enslaved Ancestors and to deny our Blackness, is not such the Black Psychic today, does Obama Trump Reparation?

    Tell me, which is more qualified to deliver Divine Justice and Self Respect to the lives of Black People, is it Obama or is it Reparation, Obama Representing America Reputation and Reparation representing the tragedy and suffering of our Enslaved Ancestors, which action represent injustice to Black People and which represent Freedom?

    Here we are, being told to forget, turn it loose, implying that the Past must not have an influence upon the present, in our mind, well I am here to share with you beloved, there can not be a present without a Past and the Future remain to become the present.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    There is no desire for Justice among Black People, because Black People is without the Divine intelligence to know what Justice require in life, and we do not know what qualify us to reside in the presence of Justice and Self Respect, well, it is being in the knowledge of Self, beloved, and it is that knowledge that will cause you to see and know the sacredness of Reparation and how it relate to Justice and Self Respect and such becoming an intimate part of the living experience of your Black Life, beloved.

    Religion is an enemy to Reparation because it teach you to compromise yourself and to believe that Freedom will come from your stay in Heaven and not your life stay on this planet, and to live having a belief that suffering put you closer to God, is a sign of how infested Black people are, with the belief about God, and it is that faith based belief that have Black People living without Justice and with a lack of Divine Intelligence, today.

    Black Afrikan Americans do not want no Justice, you just want American assimilation, that is what Black America equate America Justice to be to Black People, and that is why there is no desire for Divine Justice among Black Americans, you being the enemy inside the family of Black People.

    Where there is no Divine Justice, there is always hardship covered with lies and deception, and under such vile weight, the victims with no Divine Justice perish from a lack of knowledge of the Sacredness of Freedom, and the people upon this Earth who serve as witness to that which I have shared with you today, I ask of you beloved, behold the state of condition of the Black Nation and of Afrika, such is the evidence that Black People have no desire for Justice to be experienced in our lives today and where there is no desire for justice, there is no self respect expressed by such a people, and in this case, the people are Black Afrikan..

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    O Ancestors Rise UP and Live in Us!

    MA`AT Hotep

    Thank you brother "Chief Elder" for being who you are. Thank the Ancestors for caring enough to call us to the side of Right Mindedness so that we will wake up and see ourselves for what we are created / born to become.

    It is said...that if you want respect you must demand it first of your self and others will see in you what you see in yourself.

    The same with justice...if we don't demand that we act, speak and live according to the laws of justice...we will never know it in reality in this life.

    We have been hoodwinked to except crumbs and scraps from the so-called whites who still have too many of us thinking that this is how it works...that we are suppose to wait on them to take the time some day to finally decided to give us something that we need. "This is the thinking of a Slave"

    We don't have to wait for anything that we can do for ourselves. The so-called whites only have the "Power We Give Them Over Us"!! They are not...repeat...they are not all powerful as some of us think. They are not in any way what so ever...holy!! There is nothing what so ever about the best of them that is remotely...holy! So why are we so afraid to move agents them at all times concerning what is rightfully ours to have?

    Most of us can't move them or ourselves in any direction other than what we have been indoctrinated in because we don't know any better as well as being afraid to somehow rock the boat. To many of us...still think that the white false image of divine is the only true image to worship and that image is in the likeness of the savior because that is what we have been mis-educated to think.

    And we make the biggest "Error" that any human can make by ignoring the "Ancestors" in favor of some "Fabricated white Stranger"!! The laws of nature are set and there are procedures and processes that we totally ignore and then wonder why we still suffer...we will always suffer until we wake up!

    So we would rather put every thing into someone else hands and lean on some "Spook" that does not exist in any reality except the false illusion of ones insane imagination while calling our self...saved.

    Saved from what?? How can you be saved when your children are out of control? How can you be saved when you are a perpetual second class so-called citizen in states that are only united agents (you) the "Black" and people of color? How can you consider yourself saved when you don't have any control over your future or destiny what so ever...somebody else does that and then tells you what you and your children will be doing tomorrow?!!!

    There is nothing under the Sun...that any one is saved from except what you save yourself one else can or will do such a is contrary to nature and un-natural to think some one can save your "Soul"...but we do this awful thing..

    Hence...un-natural thinking that does not demand..."Justice" or "Respect"... and surly will never find a such thing as "Peace"...but only a willingness to serve the oppressive..."Masters". This is "Religion" that was only concocted by the "Corrupt System of White Supremacy" to control the minds of the "Masses" and to keep them ignorant as "HELL" for all long as any stays devoted to any of them. There can never be justice in any religion because they are all control by "Men" and nothing else.

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    I am an American. 10 generations of my people were born here, worked here and died here. If you force me to be more specific, I'm Black, preferibly Original. The antithesis of caucasion people.

    White folks seek to use us as tools and slaves through mastery over us. They also like to put it out there that the Original people of this continent have their origins elsewhere. The want to divide us by thinking that we are different. The thing is, we (Original people) have been here as long (Natives longer) as they have been. They are physically deficient in strength (weak) so they would never have been able to colonize these continents without us. Yet they want to portray and want us to believe that we have no claim here... Bloodsuckers... Some of us are ignorant enough to believe them.


    PS: Yeah... Lately, I have been obscessively studying. I want a flag one of these days.
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    Because 'Justice' comes with a price.....

    And more specifically, that justice will come with the price of blood. A commodity that OUR People have been taught by european 'profitiers' as not productive.

    How when the entire european hisstory is built upon it? Hmm, I agree it may not be feasible, but being from the 'streets' that MY People inherited from that self-same european determinate, it is only common sense that can teach one that pervasive creedo of 'blood in-blood out'.
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    to seek truth
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    It's a waste of time to seek justice from people that don't know what justice means....

    and like cedric the entertainer said in the movie barber shop..

    all reparations will do is make cadillac the number one dealership...

    freedom is a state of mind and heart that is self claimed and divine in and of itself...