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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin


1. Excerpt from The Suppression of African Slave trade By Dubois
2. Excerpt Tobias Lear Letter to Jefferson
3. Excerpt from The Negro in our History Carter G. Woodson
4. Pat Moynihan Crisis of the Negro Family. Pat praises the Catholics slavery in Brazil and says they didn’t create Sambos like America did. Failed to mention Catholics in Haiti
5. Pat Robertson Haiti cursed due to “Pat with the Devil”.
6. “Haiti on my Mind” poem by Andre Austin

Toussaint Louverture a black Solider made an alliance with Mulattoes in Haiti to take their freedom from the Catholic French and their King Napoleon. Toussaint used his indigenous culture and religion to serve the people of Haiti. The Romans used roads to keep their empire and the British used ships to prevent the sun from setting on her empire, Hitler used race purity. Toussaint used black pride and voodism to use as psychological warfare. However, the main thing that brought down the French was weak immunize system to yellow fever was their curse and price for lowering the humanity of a people.

Haiti was not a curse to itself but a blessing for itself and a blessing for America. Toussaint encouragers black Americans to revolt and force Napoleon to sell the Louisiana terroirty , in 1803, which consisted of forming an additional 13 states for America. By fighting Toussaint Napoleon went broke and had to sell a vast land about 25% of the land that makes up America today. America wouldn’t be the almighty nation it is without this additional land lost to a fight with black people over slavery. Now in Haiti before the earthquake hit them the Mulattoes rule over the majority black population of Haiti. They had an alliance together when it was convenient and to their advantage. Now they are in the same boat but only temporarily then the caste system will return in full effect. No permanent friends just permanent interest.

Here is a brief outline of Haiti taken from giants like Dubois and Carter to shine light on Haiti’s past to get a grip on their future.

1. The Suppression of the Slave Trade By Dubois:

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1619+400=2019 Jamestown Virginia...end of slavery. (Yes modern miseducation and injustices count as slavery) But no proper reparations will be given since the amount of contributions beyond humanity transcends generations. Our people have history that is equal to trillions of dollars including Melanin research and its supernatural power.
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