Black Poetry : Why I Have No Religion

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    "Where is your faith these days?", they ask,
    "You're not in church, so it can't be in God.
    It's not possible for you to have a viable relationship with the Creator because you're not screaming and shouting Hallelujah or giving 10% of your earnings to the preacher.
    If you're not with us, then to the devil you belong."

    I've been labeled an apostate from faith because I don't fill the collection plate
    I'm sorry, I don't remember God needing financial backing to form the land or the seas
    I've been labeled a rebel because I no longer perm my hair
    I've been excommunicated from what's to be considered "normal" because of my way of thinking and my loose tongue
    I've been shunned by world religions because of a new breed of discrimination aimed at the spiritually lacking
    If that's how they want it...then so be it
    I refuse to apologize for not being in concurrence with every religious entity
    So because I don't agree with the preacher's metaphoric rhetoric, then I am to be seen as nothing more than a lost soul?
    Who gave you permission to cast the first stone against me...the church harlot with the bold, bright scarlet letter branded across my chest?
    Apparently I've prostituted myself to the un-Godly by voicing my beliefs to this world encrusted in sin and to the church as well
    And though I'm married to God, I repeatedly give myself to Beelzebub to do as he commands...according to you

    No, I haven't lost my faith, but you have lost your sight
    You no longer know what it is you seek
    Are you in it for God's glory, or are you just aiming for the Father's many mansions?
    Are you seeking to lie in the Heavenly beds, wearing the Heavenly robes just to laugh at those who burn down below?
    Or do you seek to sit with the Father and learn about what life was supposed to be?
    Free of street dreams because we all were meant to be happy or free of the stresses that now plague us daily
    But we're living in the last days you see
    Signs of the times will never be a peace symbol, cross, or rosary
    Almost everybody's motives and spiritual beliefs revolve around greed
    We are greedy beings living in a greedy world housed in a greedy universe whose darkness is likened to the Black Hole...where this may get sucked into until there is nothing left
    Was this our original purpose? I think not

    But something that was meant to unite people in faith is nothing more than a minstrel show
    Sweaty preachers in Armani suits, with matching snakeskins and platinum chains, stand before you...basking in their own glory saying, "Look at what God can do. He can give you all of this and more...for a weekly fee."
    They may as well stand outside with the needy holding up signs reading, "Jesus for sale"
    If their faith is so strong and their love for God is so deep, then why do they get paid to share their beliefs?
    Why has the human race made a franchise out of religion?
    Transforming it from a way of life to a way of pimpin' souls...the religious money market

    It is for these very reasons that I have no religion
    Faith should not be measured by how many "hallelujahs" you can use in a sentence
    Your love for God should not be dictated by how many zeros He places on your check or by the type of car He gives you to drive
    I have no religion because when I walk into what's supposedly a place of worship, I don't need you telling me how short you think my skirt is or how tight you think my pants are...
    I'm an optimist, therefore, my pants aren't tight...I'm just thick
    God says come as you are but you're telling me that's not how it is?
    If this is a place of worship, then why am I walking through a valley of judges?
    Keep your eyes on the cross, not on how I'm dressed
    Whatever you're accustomed to, keep doing what you do,
    But don't you dare try to judge me because you're sitting in the first pue...waving your hands and wearing your big *** hat
    Do you think if your wear the biggest hat you'll be the first to cross the finish line into heaven??

    I have no religion because I don't conform to your system of ethics
    What is right and wrong? Who really knows, but whatever it is it has to be justified by your beliefs, your codes, and your books in your eyes
    Nowadays, judgement lies in the hands of those who claim a false sense of victory while living in their own hypocrisy
    Telling me that I'm supposed to do what they do or else my blood will quench hell's fire for eternity
    Sorry, but whatever monkey see monkey don't do

    I have no religion because, according to you, I'm supposed to read and adhere to the Good Book
    Well if the book is so dam* good, then why do you keep changing it?
    God says not to add to or take away from His word, but let's do the math
    Where X = The Bible, and Y = Your own opinion, X + Y = an inaccurate interpretation of spiritual elevation based upon your own understanding of how X is supposed to apply to you,
    Therefore, your arithmetic is off
    How do I know this? Kings James version, New International version, American Standard version, Childrens Bible, Women's Bible, Grail-Psalter version...and the most ridiculous of them all, the Gender-Neutral version
    All of these different versions versed in accordance to how it applies to you, not to God
    Which is why I have no religion

    At some point in my life I said f**k religion because religion f**ked me
    Spawning 2 illegitimate children, Misconception and Confusion, both fathered by Spiritual Illusion
    I'm voicing my own opinions based on my beliefs and what I've experenced
    In no way am I trying to sway you from doing what you do, but you have to know exactly what you're getting into before you sign your soul over to it
    You have to open up your soul's eye to see what's really going on or else you'll be blinded by what everyone else wants you to see
    You're striving for a false heaven because you've created your own false gods who have conditioned you into thinking that you're serving the Almighty, when they've already elevated themselves to be placed in the Almighty's shoes
    So where is your faith in these last days?
    Possibly in the Vatican with a Pope wearing a size 666 shoe

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    Praising The Lord
    Baltimore, MD
    this flow is beyond deep
    feeling your release in this scribe
    Much love to you
    Blue :heart:
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    BUSINESS owner
    very deep scribe here
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    Islander...i'm feeling you on so many levels on this...i mean some ideas have me sort of off, but most of them are just on point. Now the whole piece was meaningful to me, but the part that stuck out the most for me was the clothes. My grandmother attends a church that actually has a Sunday set aside for you to 'dress down'. My question is this, who are you to tell me what Sunday I can wear what? Like you said, the Lord said, come as you are...not come as you are on certain Sundays. Or come as your preacher tells you to. I feel that a lot of congregations have turned the Lord's house into a Fashion house.
    As for religion, religion is man made. All the little rules that people go by, for example, no earrings in church, women should wear skirts, all of that does not apply to me. If it's not in the Bible, it don't apply to me :).
    I didn't mean to drag this out for so long, i was just really feeling your piece. It was very thought provoking for me. Thanks for sharing this. Much love!
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    speak on dis was a very deep release of a flow
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    Simply deep!

    Stay focused anyway!
  7. islander

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    Much thanks to all of you. This piece was inspired by my father. He chooses not to speak to me because I don't go to church on Sundays. He believes that my faith in God has waned, which is a complete fallacy. I'm glad you all feel it and understand it.
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    strength coach
    Seattle, WA
    much love to you for this, islander, much love
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    Rocky Mountains, High
    I give U a mic & a bullhorn as I put U on my shoulders & stand on the highest pedastal, so U can be heard & seen clearly by all.

    There is a huge difference between being religious & being spiritual.

    Jesus was spiritual, but had no church 2 go 2, 4 his body was the temple.
    He was a poor, righteous teacher stompin' through the land in his sandals, living the most humble life that the Almighty provided. His food was obtained on a daily, no refrigerator stocked full, pockets were penniless, but he had all he needed, shelter, clothing...

    These preachers today speak of what the lord has given them, but the lord they speak of is Iblis...Shaitan...Satan. He gives what U want but doesn't give what U need, that's his way of tricking U into being on his side.

    I completely feel U on this piece, cuz this is the reason why I'm not religious, I'm spiritual.
    Cuz as I say, what can one man do with the Scriptures that I, myself cannot do.

    Study, read 2 gain overstanding. So what U can recite passages, do U follow them? Do U really overstand them?

    Very nice.
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    ~The hidden library...~
    As my father once told me...
    It's "not" about religion
    It's about "Salvation"...
    don't lose sight or be
    distracted by the human
    element that often stains the
    message of the divine with ambiguity
    you just may be the messenger
    to help the blind to see...
    don't lose faith...
    man has neither...
    heaven or hell...
    put you in...
    keep your eyes on the divine...
    feeling your flow...