Black Spirituality Religion : Why I Had To Step Away From Ra Un Nefer Amen


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Jun 18, 2004
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Mar 22, 2004
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Thank you...for caring. Be assured the pics don't show me in gear because I was just posing for pics. I've been riding for over 20 years...I've wrecked my bikes and myself in races and doing stupid stunts enough to appreciate my safety!

Plus I like being a grand kids like the fact that grandma is adventurous...but they also like that I'm around to be grandma to them. So I keep my riding style on conservative and my safety gear on point.

Adventurous Grandma! ^5

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Dec 23, 2015
i disagree

i have not found a problem with amen so far.
the reason for this may be that i am not religious.
i look at Ra as another cat just like me, maybe a little smarter.
when i saw him in NYC, the people seemed to be worshipping him as though HE were the God. i don't get into that.
i bow down to no man (unless he has a 9mm in his hand).
you also seem to be placing emphasis on the man.

the book says that if i meditate in a certain manner i will see certain things.
i did that and i did see some things. i don't worry about the man. if i see what he says i will see then i will take the next step.
i do not have faith. i do not believe. i go with what i can see with my own eyes. Beautifully Put!!! As'e!!

i'm trying to say that i only go with what i can see for myself.
if you can see it for yourself then go with that. if you cannot see for yourself then it may not be for you.


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Apr 7, 2013
The first thing to understand about God is he is not a mortal man that he can be compared to human corrupted DNA . Second, he is a God where everything about him is POWER. He is not in word, but in POWER. His son is creator through that which neither has birth nor end of days and is somewhat identified for mortals to understand as a priesthood (of SPIRIT) which Jesus Christ, his son, is High Priest. It is said there are lords and gods on this earth, of a mortal nature, and I will add priests are many. However, There is only one Ahman where with everything about his body (immortal) is an Eternal GLORY, a word given mortals to explain that light which we could not survive in, in his degree of presence.

The scriptures of the Bible are man penned but not man communicated. When men read the Bible it is necessary to read it again and again, because we are given understanding starting with the milk and as we grow in that understanding based on how true and loyal we are, we are given more and more into the meat and then into understanding the mysteries.

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