Black Poetry : Why I Don’t Get Replies #2


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Apr 1, 2001
Why I Don’t Get Replies #2

Have a physical feeling need lyrical healing
Spiritual so I’m kneeling want a miracle to be revealing
Like a serial killer shielding myself use to rhyme deft
No time left to improve come stealth with the groove wealth
Can soothe no respond mean my flow don’t bond therefore
Don’t move cats decent potion with frequent emotion left
Me with second notion a weapon in this ocean of rap depth
In relation to school experiences elevation as a fool
Can’t describe in detail how I arrived at fail with no tool
Now my tribe can’t prevail and that ain’t cool
Arrived at a female crib she wouldn’t respond either
Wasn’t a blonde neither right now I face a meat cleaver
Success is a choice I stress my voice should respond
No remorse felt rode like a horse across a good lawn
Sing the blues string my shoes the reason is treason
To sling boos my way every season
So select a time to correct your mind then respond protect
The rhyme I feel like a reject very blind got my neck
In a bind so now I just collect MADDOG wine
Messing around and testing grounds fog decline
Keep writing there’s deep fighting over the response issue
I need bronze tissue for my tears, junk twist you
Like chandeliers a response is classic art like Jurassic park
These no response dinosaurs will eat you alive in the drastic dark
Like President Bush at my resident I’m pushed to come up
With a response under the post program thunder folks
Coast with a bam! A Leo at birth cats try veto my verse with jokes
Like the senate all up in it like the outer limits wearing cloaks


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