Brother AACOOLDRE : Why/How NT writers tricked Jews/Christians

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    By Andre Austin
    1. The trinity of three Roman rulers, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian were at war with the Jews and wanted to give them an alternative to the violent messianic movement first started by the Maccabees and then run by the Zealots and Sicarii bandits, vandals and assassins. They produced the NT to make a fool out of the Jews and to get them to pay taxes and not to rebel against Rome. So lets see the evidence:
    1. We first start out with the pre-bight of Jesus with his parents eagerly submitting to a census/registration. To get the masses of the people to submit to paying tribute to Rome you first show the leaders bowing down to it. The real Christians of the Zealots/Sicarii said that the Census/registration was slavery to Rome. For historical context the use of the word Satan was used against David who made an alliance with all of Israel enemies, let his son rape a woman, was bi-sexual/Homosexual (His love for Jonathan was wonderful, passing the love of women see first book of Samuel), and conducted a Census with the inspiration of Satan (1 CHR 21:1). Some family tree Jesus came from with 3 known whores. But what we have is a tree where a branch was cut and a Roman branch clearly inserted within.
    2. Jesus tells followers to look at coin and pay Caesars and God. That was two sides of the same coin because Caesar and god were one and the same in Rome. Christians think they go to church and pay tithes to God. No. The word Church came from a Greek God who hypnotize their victims and used them as sacrifice to eat and live off.
    3. Jesus tells a follower to go fishing and get money out of the fish and pay taxes to Rome with it. This was in reality incidents in Israel where dead casualties had their insides cut open to get gold money they had swallowed.
    4. No self-defense or offense just put on armor of god-benefits=Rome
    5. No Kingdom of earth but spiritual in heaven. However, Christians could enter Kingdom of Vespasian, Titus, Domitian lame with one hand, leg, eye, no balls etc. as outlined in the book of Matthew. They even place their hands on Little Boys making them euchuchs and having them sing high pitch voices in their music troop.
    6. Violates all Jewish dietary laws, including the Eucharist which was based on cutting and eating the penis of Osiris/Lazarus
    7. Son of man comes to tame the Jews, build a wall around their city and starve them to death. Also leave no stone standing in their Temple.
    8. Circumcision ends
    9. The Sabbath ends
    10. The blasmemy of the Holy Spirit is to speak ill of the bald headed Domitian who wears a Roman wig of lamb’s wool. Yes he’s the dude that has the bed of suffering in Revelations 2:22. Just Read Suetonius biography where he calls Domitian be “my divine Bed” & his “bed wrestling activities” where he pulls the hair out of female heads. Are you starting to connect the dots? The four Gospels were talking about the father/Son=Vespasian/Titus and the Spirit was talking about Domitian in Paul letters and Revelations. We have been tricked out of God and given Satan, the morning star/Lucifer/Venus to worship.