Black Spirituality Religion : Why has God Forsaken....


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Apr 17, 2018
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Existence itself Is Nature and Nature is Existence...One and the same.
Nature is a principle law so it cannot be existance and vise versa. Existance is entirely a mindful state to determine relaveance (There has never been a time we did not exist Phil.V 88'). First I began with Nature which is our Divinity to claim. If you dont claim it then existance is futal, the beginning was the word then thats where you start by decreeing, declaring what is; I compare it to the movie "Avatar" when they laid down in the machine they knew they would wake up in a blue body except we caught amnesia. So there are lots who claim to have a relationship with God but have not acknowledged principles of law that govern existance. Many cannot get past leaving ceasars world to ceasar a low density dimension and rise. This means you denounce an illusion and magnify Lord (Law), this is how man defeats ignorance at deaths door. Ase'

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