Black Spirituality Religion : Why God keeps silent to somebody even after intensive cry?

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    Why God keeps silent to somebody even after intensive cry?

    Ans. A diabetic patient cries before a doctor to get a sweet for eating. The doctor has infinite number of sweets and he does not worry at all for giving a sweet to the patient. You are crying before God, who is the divine father (creator of all the souls) to give some wealth or to solve some problem. If He helps you, there is not even a trace of any personal loss to Him. Neither His wealth nor His power is finite and nor His love to souls is limited. The only factor that guides Him is to see the future position after the help. If your eyes are to climb the roof of your head after the help, God will keep silent. After the help you will fall down even from your present level and then you will cry again before the same God to lift you up.

    If the doctor gives you the sweet, the level of sugar may go up and the emergent treatment is also the responsibility of the same doctor. Hence the doctor will not give you the sweet. If the doctor is confident of your health, he may give the sweet. Sometimes the doctor gives the sweet and conducts the emergent treatment to show you the truth, if you are scolding the doctor to be unkind. The response of the doctor lies on his analysis of the situation and it is not the subject of the patient at all. You must have the faith in the doctor (God) that any response is for your good only and you must know that the patient is ignorant of his own real welfare.
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    I don't believe the Father keeps silent to everyone after they've had an intensive cry; I believe those who have faith in the Father do hear His voice. So long as one keeps the faith and belief in the Father and His Holy Anointed who was sacrificed for our sins in the body, and who was resurrected from the dead to life eternal, I believe the Father will always answer your prayers and cries. :)
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    IMHO about one thousand years ago, the real Illuminati messed with every organized religion on the planet, and blocked the techniques, rituals, prayers and mantras people used to have a direct conection with the divine! Just as direct as when one turns on ones computer!
    By doing this they were able to create a culture of misery and doubt, to get some to disbelieve
    some to become addicted to food, drugs, alcohol or power over others,
    or be the pawns of the psychiatric enterprises; long before jung and freud