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    BY Chief Elder Osiris

    Today is the birthday of our Black World Leader, here is a Black man that gave credibility to Black Nationalist Pan-Afrikan Leadership, I speak of none other than The Honorable Marcus Garvey, to whom all Honor And Respect is due.

    Here is a man that not only Talked, he Walked the Walk and Acted the Act of Black Afrikan Nationalism and he did so without the shackles of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, or being so introverted with self adulation until only himself mattered, here is a Man who desired not the approval of the Human Being oppressors, nor was he afraid of those that persecuted Black People, the proof of his worth was in the action he performed in being able to command the attention of the Black World, numbered in the Ten of Million, so you tell me when such a Black Giant of a Man indicate to the black World, RACE FIRST, there be any Black Member of the Black World that is worthy of questioning such Black Wisdom? yes there no doubt Many of Black Groups claiming today to be Cells of the Garvey Movement, some among us may claim to be direct Organizational Descendants of the UN IA, but not until we understand and adhere to the Garvey proclamation about there must be Black Race, only then will we be ready to advance the Garvey Ideology of Race First.

    Such an avocation by Garvey of Race First, even up to this day and Time, is what serve as the Garvey condemning Beam, the Divine Beam that identify and condemn all Black Folks that is not Mentally strong enough to stand firm on such a Racial Foundation and Fight to make such a Divine understanding by Garvey a Reality, Divinely so, all who can not stand with Divine Conscious before the Human Being World and indicate the Natural Truth and Reality about the Black Race is and will be First in our Black life Endeavors, then we do not need to pretend to be Honoring this Great Black Warrior with action of Lies, Deceit and Hypocrisy, such is an insult before our most Honorable leader, Marcus Garvey.

    If you are Black and Race First is not your Motto, then you serve to be a enemy and Traitor to the Black Race and you should not be dishonoring Garvey with Lying Lip Service while your Human Being Mind is Far Away From him.

    Today is our Leader Birthday, Earth day, Arrival Day to this Planet, he has proved to be worthy of us Honoring Him, but there is no greater Honor we can Represent to Garvey than for us to come together under one Banner for Black action and that action must be to make what Garvey desired Afrika and black People to be and that is Black People putting no one before the Black Race and all our Effort must be toward making Afrika to be for the Afrikan and the Black Race to become a United Race again and Garvey Knew such will not be, not until the conscious of Black People embrace the Reality of there need to be an attitude and behavior developed among the Black World that will indicate and verify the Black Interest to be, RACE FIRST, IT IS THE BLACK RACE THAT MUST BE.

    There Can Be No Garvey Black Liberation for the Black world with an action of black People working against the Garvey avocation of Race First, as they work to Integrate/ assimilate the Black World into Social Confusion, striving not to maintain our Blackness but to become a Member of the Human Being Race, as they say, SO when Garvey said RACE FIRST, he had only the Black world in Mind and let others take care of their own, which they do, while the Black Race learn to hate themselves, seeking Racial Assimilation as a way to escape our Blackness, ignoring the Garvey Call FOR RACE FIRST, a call that was good enough for Garvey in his Time and a call that is good enough for all Divinely True Garveyites in our Time today, On the Black Prophet Birthday, The Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    With all of the Talk, Pomp and Show, we celebrate the Honorable Marcus Garvey birthday, there is no greater Honor we can show to our Divine Black Leader than for all Garveyites to agree to convene a Garvey War Conference, so that we may begin to lay out the strategy and Plan that will secure Afrika for the Afrikan and the Black World to become United again.

    No proud Garveyite will ever advocate the diaspora to be our permanent home to stay, such would be in violation of the Vision and Dream of the Man we now Honor and Celebrate his arrival Time to this Planet, so away with all of this america folly and let us get about the action of Securing Afrika for the Afrikans and Uniting the Black World in Afrika.

    The time for Black folks to entertain Mercy is when the Black World has received Freedom, Justice, and Independence, because Mercy is a Human Being Religious Term meant to deceive and break the Will of Black People to be Free, in this Life on this Planet AND at this stage of the Black Life, mercy must mean every Blow we deliver in the action to Reclaim our Divine Mind, which will provide us with the courage and determination to secure Afrika for the Afrikan and the Black world become a united black Nation again, no greater Gift can we give our Divine Leader the Honorable Marcus Garvey, as we celebrate Garvey Earth day arrival Today.

    Let us be Real in celebrating a Real Divine Black leader in the person of The Honorable Marcus Garvey and let that Realness reflect the call and Action of Race First!!!

    When in a State of Oppression, Receiving Injustice, Only The action Of Freedom And Justice Is Appropriate In Such a Time And Such Knowledge Demand That Race First, Must Be The Battle Cry For All Black Proud Divine Beings.

    All Praise And Honor With Respect To The Honorable Marcus Garvey, The Man That Taught us to Always THINK, RACE FIRST!!!

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
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