Black Spirituality Religion : Why does the church not talk about the persecution of Palestinian Christians?


You can't even answer your own question, or show any proof which makes you a liar so what debate are you referring to? All i did was ask you a simple question and you came back with your usual spin doctor & character assassination routine.....

Why would i have to go to Atlantic ave. to buy the tapes when you could easily post some of what the tapes say? uhhhhhh, because you don't have any? Moreover, have never met Rev. Daughtry? Just another "real" person you are using to give yourself "internet cred"

You say this same thing to anyone who calls you out! You must have Ru-paul as your screensaver because you keep using the same picture....

You have the scent of Cointelpro all over you --

- There are more than 40 posts of me talking about Christianity and the bible. There are more than 40 of me talking about Islam and the qu'ran....AND? There are more than 40 of you talking about Christianity, ATR's & Islam anytime you don't get your way, you attack their agent provacature!

What does any of that have to do with the fact that you can not answer the question to your own thread?

The only reason you even started this thread was to throw it in the face of Christians because you found a preacher in Brooklyn who may have said something about this issue. Which once again makes you a lying hypocrite because all over the forums you question those same christians , muslims and Atr's to put aside their religion "as El-hajj said" to work for the greater good of our people. Now here you single them out and ask:

- as a slap in the face!

- Also, notice that you are talking about what a reverend said and not about anything you have done or even said about the topic of Palastinian Christians.....Anyone who did answer and mentioned their preacher or reverend's name would probably end up in you files for further investigation anyway!

Let me see if i can sum up the REASON for this thread and how this all played out.....

A "christian" in the Open forum said something to you that you could not take or respond to with any truth, so like a little snot nosed child, this is your way of getting back at them... Is this about right Ankhur?

It was the same with the practitioners of the Atr's and Muslims of which you started thread after thread questioning and disrespecting them after they challenged you and your rhetoric. If you need me to pull up a couple of those threads, let me know!

Your tactics are see thru and very very lame......

And that's the thanks I get for giving you something to post about in 4 days?


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