Chief Elder Osiris : Why Does Afrika And The Afrikan Remain In A State Of Stagnation

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    Subject: [unioNews] Why Does Afrika And The Afrikan Remain In A State Of Stagnation?

    > Hoteph My Beloved Sisters and Brothers:
    > Beloved why in this day and Time, a Time of Decision with deep thoughts
    > which must be grounded in sound reason and logic, absent of irrational
    > emotion, an emotion it seem we Afrikans are locked into allowing such an
    > irrational emotion to be our guide, and by doing so, we see the evident of
    > what become the result from allowing ourselves to be led by irrational
    > emotion rather than us Afrikans resume the practice of reasonable and
    > logical thinking?
    > It is I who say that Thought without action is useless and to be thoughtful
    > but inactive will bring about the result that we see the Afrikan and Afrika
    > in, which is a state of stagnation, alive yet is dead.
    > Life require motion and a decency and Spiritual life require that such
    > motion serve to cause peace, abundance in pleasing health, clear thought
    > with understanding about God, as well as Justice, Joy and Freedom of
    > Independence, such a life indicate freshness with action that does in fact
    > secure such quality of life.
    > So my question is a valid one and what it imply can not be refuted by people
    > with a sane thinking mind and do love Truth and not abhor Truth.
    > Afrikans and Afrika is in a state of stagnation because we have become
    > willing subjects of people who are grounded in evil thoughts and take joy in
    > bringing such thoughts into action, with their target being a particular
    > people in this world, a people that happen to be different from all other
    > Beings on this planet and is easily identified in many ways, but one most
    > apparent, is the color of the pigment of their skin, yet those very same
    > people of such a pigment has been mentally condition to believe that is not
    > so and thus you have the condition of Afrika and the Afrikans today, living
    > a stale and stagnate life.
    > The horror of it all is, as the Black Afrikan goes, so go Afrika and she is
    > being attacked, disrespected and raped without ceasing, by those we Afrikans
    > have totally submitted to and now depend upon for our daily need for
    > survival.
    > Wherever the Afrikans are we suffer from the same virus which assure a
    > constant disease of both body and mind and that virus affect our ability to
    > think with a mind we develop from our own independent thoughts, an action
    > that is required by the Afrikan, that is if we desire to ever rise from this
    > present state of Afrikan mental stagnation.
    > Beloved, the check and balance of what I say about the Afrikan is true, it
    > is the present condition of Afrika and the Afrikan people, those of us who
    > are in america, the other part of the Diaspora, Afrika and the rest of the
    > world, we all suffer from the same virus and the proof is that the Afrikan,
    > wherever we are, is not free and independent unto ourselves as a sovereign
    > Nation and donot desire to be so, thus living in a state of stagnation.
    > The problem with the Afrikan is that we have lost sight and knowledge of the
    > enemies to the Afrikan, all because we do not think anymore, we let the
    > belief of what those who have deceived and abuse us, serve as our teacher
    > and guide in life today, a day that require clear thought and ability to
    > make sound decision and judgment about our Afrikan life, yet we ignore the
    > true Time of today.
    > The Afrikan has become an expert in sighting the evil and deception of those
    > who we now submit and entrust our life to and we do so as if we are surprise
    > or can not believe what we complain about our oppressors doing, in a way of
    > violating our right to be treated equally, as for as opportunity to those
    > rights, which is suppose to assure us a life absent of prejudice racism and
    > discrimination, yet such virus extend across geographical boundaries as it
    > seek out and infect the life of the Afrikan.
    > In america we have become infected with the virus of totally dependency to
    > the extent we can not see beyond america, a place that carry the disease
    > virus of Racism, Prejudice, Discrimination and religious deception, these
    > tools which serve to cause the Afrikan to remain in a state of Mental and
    > physical stagnation.
    > In Afrika, the Afrikan is so infected with the virus of deception, to the
    > extent that we have become confuse as to who the Afrikan true enemy is, we
    > have become liken to crabs in a bucket, the Afrikan in Afrika has turned
    > inward upon ourselves, with a vengence for the desire to bring death upon
    > each other to the point it is no doubt that the Afrikan operate today as an
    > insane people, having only the desire to act in such a way that we become
    > self destructive, as we take sides as to how we should behave toward those
    > who are responsible for the way we now are behaving toward Afrika and the
    > Afrikan, how pitiful we have become.
    > The same apply to the Afrikan in america, our desire is only to imitate and
    > emulate the white man and when he inform us that he maintain his perception
    > of us as being not worthy of having any rights he is deemed to respect and
    > continue to express his racist prejudice attitude toward us, we end up
    > screaming and begging him to stop, as we use the same breath to assure him
    > that we have no desire to leave him and his stolen america and by our desire
    > to stay, we just voice our approval of how he obtain what he call america
    > and we without shame express to him that we desire to be a party to that
    > crime he committed in stealing and having america built.
    > For the Afrikan in america to express a desire to remain in america, knowing
    > the legacy of those who call themselves american, only show that we have no
    > respect for our enslaved ancestors and the pain suffered from those stealing
    > americans and most certainly not for the Native human Being in this country,
    > such only serve to support the fact that the Afrikan remain in a state of
    > stagnation and carry a virus that cause us to have no shame nor can be made
    > to be embarrassed by the way we behave as Afrikan people toward those who
    > put into motion the destruction of Afrikan civilization.
    > The Afrikan rather become the cause of our own victimization than to point a
    > condemning finger toward those whose record show and prove their guilt in
    > contributing to the Afrikan civilized demise, be they Arab, Jew or
    > Caucasian, they each carry the staff of guilt in regard to their performance
    > of destruction toward the Afrikan nation and their continue zeal to see to
    > it that the Afrikan remain in a state of mental stagnation, as we sank into
    > a state of Human disgrace.
    > It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!
    > We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!
    > It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )
    > I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.
    > Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation
    > Honor, Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey
    > Hoteph
    > Osiris
    > Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophant, Political Revolutionary
    > National Chairman
    > Sankofa Repatriation movement
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