Poetry Discussion : Why do women write poetry centered around this "poor me" pity me" oh please, help me, type of stuff?


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Sep 3, 2011
I write poetry often out of anger because it forces me to explain how I'm feeling in an abstract way, causing me to think from different perspectives I probably would not do in my moments of frustration. It makes me calm down to gather my thoughts and make sense of them. Honestly, I got married to poetry when I was pissed off and needed an outlet. I had no one to talk to but me so I put it on trees and my anger blew away like a breeze :). So therefore most of my poems are about my internal conflict perhaps or something I feel opposition to and had to let it out.

I think a lot of poems are kinda like the blues...I have learned in my inspirational moments to transfer that into poems too but I really feel compelled to write when im inflamed lol.

As far as your adjectives to describe specific women's poems I feel that that is your unappreciation and disconnection to the author. learning to write I also learned that not everyone can connect to what I'm feeling and vice versa. You have to have empathy to not see it as you described it. Sometimes I read a poem and I don't get it, it may not make ANY sense to me but I respect it anyway as someone's work and it means something to them...


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Feb 19, 2001
I always wanted to ask a women who writes poems this question, and I'm being serious when I ask this.I try to get a feel for people's psyche

How come every women who writes poetry, how come her poems are always centered around this "poor me" pity me" oh please, help me, I'm in pain type of stuff. Always whining, crying and complaining. What's that all about because I always wanted to know.

1. You have not read a good enough sampling the poetry written by females in here

2. You have not read a good enough sampling of poetry written by males in here.

3. If you had, you would know that pity poetry is not gender specific

4. You would also know that females in here write on a wide variety of topics.

5. So, you are wrong. Dead wrong in your assessment


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