Black Relationships : why do woman jeopardize things witha good guy for a bad guy???????

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by LURK, Nov 28, 2003.

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    seriously,my boy was with this girl and they werent gettin along..they had a child together and eventually split up....things were ok at first for him and tha situation with tha baby...he was gettin him at least 4 days out of tha week....he decided to move on also and find another mate......his new girl is a pretty young smart girl who treats him tha way he wants to be.....she overlooked his situation-which wasnt soo bad,he still talked with his baby mama just on a friendship tip tho-to be with him.........well his baby mama ,i think,got jealous and got with someone too....but this guy is a bad with no security,no sense of morals,and no heart really...they moved in togetha and he told her not to associate with my he cant see his son and cant speak to him.....he now has to go to court and go thru whole a friend,and as a father myself kinda in a situation like he was in before tha drama,i find this one of tha worst situations ever to happen to a parent......and it hurts me to even fathom whut he's goin thru...i was just wonderin why do women go to this extreme...i'm sure that alotta of yall sistas on here wouldnt do that but can u help me understand why you might do something like that??
    i mean for goodness sake,this is yall see tha pain and affect it has in tha father/baby daddy/ex......
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    I feel you and can relate .....sometime it happen out of that very
    thing jealousy // hate and what some call payback which only
    hurt the relationship of a child and the Father . Sometime it all
    happen this way due to lack of understanding but we have not
    just sistah's doing it but bruthas doing it too in there own way
    when a more weaker woman mix path with bad vibes of a guy she too become a bad seed if not strong mentally and over powered physically by the new mate who is already jealous
    of the continue relationship they have for this child
    to the best intrest of a child we need to learn that they are not the weapon of fight with and to listen to someone u meet or new male friend or female friend should not be able to enter the life of what one have with a child and the parents ....but this America
    and the world of myth and unthinkable so it happens and we don't know why or have the answers of anothers mind
    we just deal with it and do what's best to make it fare what he did
    to see his child was best going through the system legelly

    The pain and trouble a man go through is not felt within the
    female she can't see it not at that point but sometime it is
    felt by her and what he must feel
    a man hurts too ....
    this just my way and point of view too it
    the answer yet known !
    Love to hear a woman side to this ......