Black Parenting : Why Do We Martyr Single Fathers But Demonize Single Mothers?

I am the same way. I think mothers are natural comforters,unless she is that one percent that is different. I will add fuel to the fire though. There are few men who are willing to fight for full custody. That is an automatic for most women when filing divorce,and most men don't argue. I will even go so far to say 50/50 is rare. Doesn't mean that the men are bad,it just means that they think it is good enough. So,when I see a man who has full custody....I usually assume that the woman is batish crazy. Maybe I am not right...but I probably am. And that man chose to get his child out of that. That is outside of societal norms,and he loved his child enough to do so. Societal norms are a hell of a drug,so kudos to him. Doesn't take away from single mothers doing there thing....but think about it....for one moment....maybe women are stronger than men in this instance,and that's okay. It is what it is.

:bs: You are told by your divorce lawyer going in, that your chances are slim and none of getting custody. In family court, males are guilty until proven innocent. If you have the cash to go thru the appellate system, in most states, you might get joint custody. And you are correct, though it is changing slightly, the female has to be looney, violent, a junkie, etc. Incompetent or none caring is not a justified reason to get the kid. This is one of the reasons so many kids end up abused or worse

I didnt answer your question though...sorry,lol! I just assume that the man is extremely whack. What kind of man makes a child,and doesn't take care of it to the best of his ability? A whack one...I'm just so use to it though,I have become desensitized. I have accepted it.

1. Mookie don't care

2. Many of you don't want to see that



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