Black People Politics : Why do the illuminati purposely expose themselves via clues found in media and false flag events?

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May 6, 2013
Their point is to use media to enslave; they tried to do that in the 60s and faced a revolution from every race, who "literally seized the times" in music, art, dance, theater, movies, novels, and television! They then got desperate and did what they did to China, flood all communities with drugs, which hampered focus and creativity, so that by the time the drugs wore of in the l;ate 80s just a bunch of schlock was presented in media and steadily gone down to the point , of what you see today;
Everything graded to a fourth grade mentality! music, art, dance, theater, movies and televison and novels, and the electronification of socialization where one is dependent on a logarithm to communicate, without being aware of what that logarithm or program phrase is. For instance a sygil can be worked into a program

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