Brother AACOOLDRE : Why do Pimps Have Goblets?????

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    Why Do Pimps have the Goblet?
    By Andre Austin
    Before you read this go to Youtube and type in “Psychedelic Messiah” to help you understand fully
    A Goblet is symbolic of a woman’s womb or vagina. Lets dig deep into the Old Testament:
    “Your navel (vagina) is a rounded goblet” (Song of Songs 7:2)
    The goblet was also symbolic of a Holy Grail holding the blood of Christ. The Goblet/holy Grail is also symbolic of the three phases of the growth of a Mushroom on the Tree of life or of Good & Evil.
    1. Grows first into egg (Easter egg) like shape
    2. Then into a penis
    3. As the mushroom it deteriorates and flakes off (castration) while this happens it turns into a vagina or cup like grail which is capable of holding the morning dew (see Exodus 16) (Tefnut/Maat/truth) and the symbolic blood spills over.
    Tefnut in Egypt was moisture or dew and is linked with moral order, Truth, right etc. In the Egyptian religion in their heaven you drank the blood of Tefnut to continue existence for eternity:
    “His hunger is with Shu, his thirst is with Tefnut” –(Osiris & the Egyptian Resurrection Volume 1 p.131. Some of the Mushrooms are red on top mix with dew from Tefnut brings on the appearance of wine/blood the fruit you are forbidden to eat and drink in Genesis.
    However when we get to the New Testament you get to John 6 and Ephesians 5:8-9. The Catholics symbolically eat the mushroom and calls it a wafer. For all of this to be true it requires the literary character of Jesus to be stripped and castrated just like Paul was.