Black Spirituality Religion : Why Do Blacks Really Love Jesus? (slave Sermons Episode 38)

Because the non-Godly people beat the GOD out of them!

Steve Harvey is a Sell out!@

btw, the cross (since they showed the chains and crosses on churches) really represents the higher and lower nature of 'man'.. it has nothing to do with what is known today as RELIGION!
Just a question tho,...Was we, black folks, susposed to know Jesus? Its just a question.
Ole Massa could not teach what he himself did not know. Even worse, not only did Ole Massa not know Jesus, he did not want to know Jesus. He just wanted a tool which allowed him to control others.

The same dynamic is still at work today except Ole Massa has been replaced by other men, of all races, standing behind the pulpit. They still don't know Jesus nor do they want to know Jesus. They just want a tool to control others.

The proof of this is how mean, evil, and violent these men of God get towards any Kunte Kintes who appear to be on the right path to figuring out what Jesus was really talking about (et al, that the kingdom of God is within you).


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