Chief Elder Osiris : Why Do Black People Have A Mental fetish For Jesus?

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    Why Do Black People Have A Mental fetish For Jesus?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved I have a need to share what I am about to share with you and you will either accept it or reject it but it will be at your peril and not mine, beloved.

    There is this Iconic Object created by Lucifer himself that seem to have magical powers to attract both Women and men to have a fetish relationship and desire to love and cherish a Male figure with equal attraction by both genders for this male figure, as the believer in the man become so aroused over this object of a man until they are willing to sacrifice and forsake mother and father, daughter and son, extended family and friends to prove the fetish attraction that the believers in this Lucifer created man is religiously real, a Male Icon the Devilish Oppressors of the sacred Life has in fact been successful in creating and causing the Black World to have a mental fetish over an image that speak not and does not respond to the call that come from his believers, this male figure was created by white folks and named the image Icon, Jesus Christ and did make claim that this imaginary character was and is the son of their God and because of the magical fetish attraction the believers have for this man, prevent the believers from questioning not.

    The Mind is the most powerful dynamic action of the body life, it can cause what is not real to appear to be real and that is why that mind action require for you to always be cognizant of the fact that there is required of the body life to be with the ability to have your mental action to be able to Divinely reason profoundly with the use of indisputable logic which will cause you to have a Divine Knowledge with Understanding that will cause you to be wise when making life decisions, there is nothing about the body life that is greater than Divine Wisdom.

    That Divine Qualification for knowing the Divine Truth will prevent you from becoming a fetish victim of the Icon Jesus, created by Lucifer himself which take away all ability to Think Reasonable and just be satisfied in believing the fable about a statue by the name of Jesus, a name that has been used to destroy the Black World and confuse the outer world of Lucifer Human Beings. Black Folks have developed such a fetish for Jesus until it become necessary for Black PEOPLE TO GIVE THIS FABLE CHARACTER A PHENOTYPE DESCRIPTION THAT IS OF THE BLACK WORLD.

    When a lie is a lie, it does not matter how well you dress up the lie, it remain to be a lie in all of its different designs, so there is no empirical evidence ever been produced to substantiate the reality of a white or Black Jesus, as so depicted in those white folks bible, a doctrine predicated upon lies and verbal acts of deception.

    So here we are today, so into the ways and lies of this devilish oppressor until we now see fit to crown Obama Lord and Savior, the Son of God, the black Jesus, so that we can become just like white folks, they have their Jesus and now we are in motion to create our Black Jesus and for Black people to participate in such an act of lies and deception, serve to the detriment of our Black Children, as we attempt to ferment the lies about a make believe Jesus and present it to the Black World claiming that Obams fit all of the dynamic lies told about white folks Jesus and now we Black folks have our own Jesus to ferment, what a sad and pitiful lot of a Black people we have become, a people that have no shame.

    The greatest disrespect we can show toward Obama is to make clain that Obama is our Black Jesus, let the man be who he is and let us see how well he will be allowed to perform as not a black jesus but as President Of America.

    So for Black people to prolong the Jesus lie and to attempt to create that same lie to be that of a Black lie is why the gods of our Ancient First Way Ancestors are opening the channel that lead to the Divine Truth to all of those who are sincere in knowing the Divine Truth and what is Divinely Real.

    Not until this fetish for Jesus is broken, Afrika will remain not to be Afrika and the Black Afrikan People will not know the difference between the Divine Truth and a Profane Lie, so you cry out for change and you do not know in what manner that Change will come, because you see, all change is not the change that will bring the Greater good to your Black Body Life.

    You see beloved, all that glitter is not Gold nor Silver and all Money is not money that beget integrity and self respect, so it is wise to know rather than to believe, the former lead you up the Divine Path to self acquaintance in the presence of Divine Justice and the latter lead you up the path of self neglect, wishful believing and profane Justice, so I ask, which path is the Black World traveling today, Beloved?

    Can You Understand This That have Just been Shared With you, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder osirisakkebala
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]