Black People : Why did they only CENSOR the underlined [below] from this post?

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Orisons, Aug 16, 2014.

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    ..of Tunbridge Wells6 hours ago

    "but they are a highly professional military force".

    "No, they are not. They are a collection of some very seriously psychologically disturbed individuals bound by a common tie, which in this case is their perverted interpretation of the writings of the Koran. Just about every (sane?) Muslim sees this and knows this, but as usual the rest of us fail to. The capitulation of every liberal society has always begun by justifying the actions of extremists.

    What do muslim estate agents expect when they sell properties to Christians, albeit via a third party? What do Christians expect when they do not pay sufficient taxes, even after having acknowledged the 'Islamic statement of faith'?

    What do Copts in Egypt expect to happen when they openly pray in their churches in a predominantly Muslim country? Why are they surprised when their churches are attacked and burned.?

    What does a woman living in Raqqa expect to happen when she doesn’t wear the burqa? Why is she surprised when ISIS thugs whip her in public?

    These are all examples of how we 'justify' ignoring the true evil in our midst and in Europe in particular we should be even more ashamed - thousands of these psychotic thugs have been programmed in European mosques and then let loose on the Nineveh Plains.

    They say that what goes around comes around. Figures indicate that 1000+ of these creatures are British. If just 10% of them are allowed back in to the UK, and given how inadequate our border policing is statistically that is a real possibility, then that is 100+ Lee Rigby killings or 100+ 7/7 bombings."

    But do you feel better now, having got that load off of your chest, with the number of likes you’ve received already highlighting the fact that despite your fears of the chickens coming home to roost/retribution for the crimes against Humanity committed by your ancestors, racist xenophobia is alive and kicking as opposed to dead in the UK and the rest of Europe?

    I am just very very jealous of the fact that our communities in the UK, USA and the rest of the African Diaspora and even more critically Africa itself aren’t anywhere near as adequately secured as the UK is with regard to making very very sure that [non-whites in general, the people of African ethnicity specifically] foreigners do not EVER advance into a position of any real influence/power within the UK; whereas we/the African collective are still in BIG TROUBLE, aren’t WE?

    Don’t your own European/Western history books highlight that exterminating any one or thing that you perceive to be different/even a little dangerous is in fact a very integral part of the European collective ethos/asili as opposed to ours; as underlined by the manner in which ALL the wolves, wild boars, bears etc that used to roam Europe in general, Western Europe specifically were exterminated hundreds of years ago [along with the so very cynical extermination of the buffalo in the USA], in stark contrast to Africa's many large far more dangerous predators still existing [with whites very bizarrely now at the forefront of nature preservation now] TODAY?

    How many European or even Africans monarchs have ever conquered as many countries/ethnic groups as Genghis Khan, aren't virtually all of those countries still independent sovereign nations TODAY, whereas when is that EVER likely to be the case for the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australasia who actually managed to survive [not be totally exterminated like the Mohicans, the indigenous of the Caribbean and the Tasmanians], but have been relegated into a minority powerless underclass in their homelands like the Aboriginals and Maoris by the ongoing European onslaught?

    What about the manner in which we’ve been covertly warred on by the European collective as standard for over 2000 years [once Alexander the Macedonian peasant conquered Nubia/Khemet/Egypt], in the most despicably cowardly onslaught on the historical record; in that when has WAR on Africa/Africans EVER been openly declared as opposed to constantly waged as standard, right up to TODAY?

    The French very treacherously captured and imprisoned for life Toussainte L’overture for so brilliantly defeating Napoleon in freeing Haiti from chattel Slavery [subsequently bankrupted Haiti by insisting on being paid millions to not renew their military onslaught {the equivalent to billions today} right up to 1946], our own traitors were deployed to sideline visionary leaders like Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah and Eric Williams concerted focus on starting the African Renaissance in the 20th century, with the likes of Malcolm X, Dr Martin Luther King were very publicly executed in the USA for attempting to intelligently organize and lead us; so why would or should WE even consider taking seriously the so critical trash we’re constantly bombarded with as AUTOMATON like Western puppets mislead us; in that are our lower echelons any more lost/clueless than the white trash?

    What about the manner in which Samora Machel/Freelimo was so maliciously executed by the South Africans literally blasting his civilian airliner out of the sky, who along with Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba, and countless other like Sekarna in Bukino Fasso aren’t they all part of the very long list of African leaders/heroes who have lost their lives in the ongoing WAR for African freedom, in Africa, whereas in comparison hasn’t the UK got of very lightly [without any formal apology or reparations to date] with regard to the crimes against Humanity that created the Empire on which the sun never set?

    Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
    graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

    When I posted this response on the Daily Telegraph’s [nearly as right wing as your Fox News in the USA] message board to the so racist drivel a white individual allegedly from Tonbridge in the UK posted [above] with regard to the Muslims who are UK citizens [supposedly there are over 1000 of them] fighting for ISIS in Iraq and Syria TODAY; why do you folks on Destee think the Telegraph's CENSOR only omitted the underlined in bold above, from my post?

    In TRUTH I have been very very surprised at the manner in which the Telegraph’s message board has not to date been censoring my posts at all, with the above the first time that they have chosen to act [despite the fact that I have been posting in very contentious thread for over 6 months now; whereas the Guardian message board [allegedly liberal/lefty] banned me within a few weeks, with only the Daily Mail giving me a 2.5 year run before they went into big baby mode/ threw their toys out of the pram/banned me too [WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID] last year? ROFL
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    Brother Orisons ... you know you aint spoze to bring your fights from other places ... here.

    We got enough of our own already ... thanks though ... :love:

    Love You!


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