Black Entertainment : Why Did I Get Married?

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Jun 11, 2001
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have you seen the new movie by Tyler Perry

i thought is was very good very well acted very well scripted

i noticed in this movie it wasn't OVERwritten

ya know too many words run on sentences

i like how he gets his points across with minimal words

i think this movie works

and i considered this a very mature movie

i for one thinks this is a great movie

with black people

i think it made great points about relationships

and i would say go see it with your spouse or significant other

Tyler Out did Himself this time!


This is by far the best Tyler Perry Movie I have ever seen.
I would suggest every single, attached, married person should see this movie.
It will help u answer the question if u are married, and give those that aren't a peek into REAL LIFE MARRIAGES, and not the media hyped TV versions.

Keep up the good work :star: Tyler:star: !!!!


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