Brother AACOOLDRE : why christian scholars refuse to ID 666 properly

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    Why Christian scholars refuse to Id 666

    By Andre Austin

    Christianity has no future once the events of the Gospels can be established to be recording the events of 66AD through 96AD when the last Flavian Emperor Domitian dies.

    The same trickery of Vespasian/Titus fooling/deceiving Jews/Christians people into beleiving in them as Gods is in War of the Jews Book 6 Chapter 5:310-313

    666 was a man who deceived and it called for insight to figure out his identity. People claim it was Nero but was said to throw people off. The ancient historians called Emperor Titus a "second Nero". So if it it called for "insight" to know 666 then detective work is needed to pick up on the clues. paul talks several times of a Titus who was said to be "Greek" Galatians 2:3. If you translate Titus name into Greek it becomes "Teitan" which equals 666. This same Titus helps Trick and deceive people in 2 Cor 12:16-18 exactly like Rev 13:14 said he would. The devil was a liar from the beggining of the creation of Christianity.

    Titus is also described as a Fellow worker in 2 Cor 9:23. Knowing this plus Jeus and Titus "It is of interes that Titus is the only person, other than Jesus who is referred to in the NT with the phrase "Coming of" see (2 Cor 7:6-7). We can match up "Fellow worker" and the coming of Jesus phrases tightly wrapped in Rev 22:7-20 making Domitian a highjacker of the Title "Jesus Christ" from his brother Titus. It called for the worship of God with whom Domitian was demanding to be called and reduce Titus to a fellow worker and angel.

    Keep in mind the 3 Gospels were secretly designed to trick people into worhiping the Father (Vespasian) and Son (Titus) and paul letters and Revelations were written to proclaim him to be "Christ".

    1.Titus (Son of Man) dies in 81AD so why are we still fearing a 666. We only have to fear those trying to carrying on their legacy.

    2.Domitian ( The Terrible Spirit) dies in 96AD

    3.Vespasian (The father) dies in 79AD

    After Vespasian and Titus dies they were no longer concerned with them and this is the context of speaking a word aganist the Son of man but the Holy (Terrible) Sprit of Domitian would not be forgiven see Luke 12:10

    This is a Roman mafia type crime family and the NT should be given back to them. Though always seen as a religious document, the NT is actually a political document-a monument to the vanity of the Flavian Caesars, one that has finaly be undressed. Now the Emperor has no clothes and has been caught with their pants down all up in their lies. The beast now is:

    A. The Government, a subsidiary of Corportaions

    B. Corporations like , Pharmaceutical gansters, Oil companies, and manufaters of military Hardware

    C. Organized Religion

    D. The media and Hollywood are their cheerleaders and instruments of deceit

    Terrorist groups and organized crime small potatoes and are their step-children and have to pay a fee to the police, judges and politicians for them to stay in business

    There is no future to the New Testament because its three main characters of the sinsister Trinity are long dead and gone. Only the elite who benefit from this deception are benefiting and running a game on the masses of the people. But I believe the true God makes people reap what they sow and true God fearing people will get the last Horse's laugh.