Black People : Why can't we say what we mean & mean what we say.Why do we call our children Kids?

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    I have been wondering this for sometime, and only a few Black have discussed this.

    We know that White Supremacy defines everything we say and do during slavery, and we have furthered their agendas and motives, by not renewing our once Divine way of thinking,

    I wonder how Our Divine Ancient Ancestors identified us?

    Why can't we say what we mean and mean what we say, and let it Be one or the Other?

    When we speak a word constantly/consistently do that word be alive?

    Is one of the reasons many children act up is because we label them as Kid-Goats? The Goat behavior is often no set path. We are what we eat and Think. Anything fed will live.

    kid definition
    a. A young goat.
    b. The young of a similar animal, such as an antelope.
    a. The flesh of a young goat.
    b. Leather made from the skin of a young goat; kidskin.
    c. An article made from this leather.
    3. Informal
    a. A child.
    b. A young person.

    child definition
    n. pl. chil·dren (chldrn)
    a. A person between birth and puberty.
    b. A person who has not attained maturity or the age of legal majority.
    a. An unborn infant; a fetus.
    b. An infant; a baby.
    3. One who is childish or immature.
    4. A son or daughter; an offspring.
    5. A member of a tribe; descendant: children of Abraham.
    a. An individual regarded as strongly affected by another or by a specified time, place, or circumstance: a child of nature; a child of the Sixties.
    b. A product or result of something specified: "Times Square is a child of the 20th century" (Richard F. Shepard).
    child synonyms
    A young person between birth and puberty: bud1, innocent, juvenile, moppet, tot1, youngster. Informal: kid. Scots: bairn. See kin, youth
    One who is not yet legally of age: juvenile. Law: infant, minor. See law, youth
    A guileless, unsophisticated person: babe, ingénue, innocent, naive. Idiom: babe in the woods. See knowledge
    One descended directly from the same parents or ancestors: descendant, offspring, progeny, scion. See kin

    I have heard people say, oh my children, those kids....
    Is there any distortion in that?

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