Black Poetry : why can't she just understand?

Dream Weaver

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Feb 4, 2002
My Parallel Universe
I'm sorry

:grouphug: sounds like somebody needs a hug.

Life serves us all the wrong things, or so it seems. Poet there is alot to be learnt in life, some things we will never understand why they happen the way they do , but ultimately, there is a lesson. Its up to you to figure what it is.

We all hurt, and four years is plenty to throw away. Your heart got you into this mess and it will take you right out. If you think its time to throw in the towel, do so but be her friend. If you think you should keep at it, there is alot that both you and she needs to put on the table.

I wish all the best for you as you go along your own love quest. Funny but I have a similar problem as well...

I'm Just sayin...


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies

I haven't read you in a while, but tis' sure great to be back read'n these proses of yourn!!!! :)

I can relate all to well to this'n heah!!!



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Jan 27, 2003
dirrty south (Ga)
i'm not gon' lie da pain will probably go on 4eva.. but remember after rain comes clarity..and we can't always read our own stars..maybe u 2 will find greatness...and u 2 may not be lovers, but u don't have 2 b friendless... hope evrythang works out..


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May 11, 2001
Atlanta, GA
however you want to say it ....this is true love
letting go , when you know its the right thing to do , for the betterment of the other .........



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Mar 12, 2003
I wish we could all say the one thing that would take all you're pain away, But you alone is the only person to do it, either let it go or pull it close. You said you had a dream, but maybe the Lord was letting you see, Not that you should let you're true love go,
But only to pull her close.....
The Lord works in funny ways and If this was ment to be, then the Lord will set you free and in you're arms she will be...........

I hope this helps just a little bet, I was there once but he never came back
But I did not ? the Lords work and please don't either.........

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