Chief Elder Osiris : " Why Can't Blacks Work Together "

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
Black people make things hard for themselves. Period.Obsessed with fast food, material items and always blaming everyone else for their problems. And NEVER there for their kids

In the Spirit of Sankofa,

... First, welcome to Daz; its good having you here as a guest, please enjoy your stay. Second, WoW! This Thread certainly poses the Billion Dollar question, saying the least, doesn't?

(" Why Can't Blacks Work Together ")

And your answers/comments, as all others, beg the Why question to be answered:

Why do we make things hard for ourselves?
why are we obsessed with fast food and material items?
Why are we always blaming everyone else for our problems?
Why are we never there for our kids?

There is an answer Daz... and if you return and ask, I'll give it to you, okay?

Peace In,


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Aug 9, 2003
Hoteph Beloved George Cook:

First allow me to say I agree with Brother Pruitt, so allow me to elaborate for a moment.

Some Black People Can Work Together and Some will not.

First of all some Black folks in general, regardless of where we have been forced to be in this world other than in Afrika, for what ever reason, can, must, and will work together for the greater good for Afrika and Black People, but it is some what of wishful thinking to have as a goal, all Black people coming together to work for the greater good for Afrika and Black People, to have such as a goal is like stating that there is not one thing that has happen to the Black mind that prevent us from working together, sorry, but I must be the bearer of Truthful News concerning Black People and the News happen to be, there are Great Number of Black People that are not Mentally qualified to work together with other black people, with the goal being for the greater good for Afrika and Black People.

Beloved, in the fight for the greater good for Afrika and Black People we must become resolve to know, understand, and accept, that in many instances the worst enemy to Black People happen to be Black people, those whose Mind has gone the path of Evil and their body senses over shadowed with the virus of Ego and Jealousy, tools that are used to construct dissension among Black People, and when the action of Any Means Necessary is put into serious fight, there will be many Black Traitors against the greater good for Afrika and Black People and would have suffered as collateral damage in pursuit of the Greater Good for Afrika and Black People.

Sorry, you asked the question and you end up getting the Truth along with an answer.

The Truth carry no prisoners and it Stand only in the presence of Reality and the Reality of this matter is that the Mind of Black people, some of us I shall say, has been so corrupted to the degree it is not retrievable, thus such Minds serve the intent of Black Folks oppressors, the master liars and deceivers to Black People.

Here Is Loving you


Chief Elder

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